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What's going on here?

South Park Big Bang runs collaborative fanworks challenges, where artists and writers come together to produce new and exciting works. So far these events have included Big Bangs and Reverse Mini-Bangs; who knows what the future might bring!

In a fandom Big Bang, authors write long fics and are then matched up with artists with whom they collaborate to create illustrate their stories. (If you're curious, you can read more about fandom Big Bangs here.)

In addition to big bangs, we also run Reverse Mini-Bangs. A Reverse Mini-Bang is a variation on a fandom Big Bang: it's still a collaboration between artists and writers, but this time the art inspires the story (the "reverse") and the stories are shorter (the "mini").

The archive for South Park Big Bang 2012 opened on April 8, 2012 and continued with weekly updates throughout the month, with a final update on April 29th. The Art Gallery premiered on May 31st as the centerpiece of SPBB 2012: Aftershocks.

Thanks to everyone who participated, SPBB 2012 contributed over 100 new pieces of fanart and over 1,000,000 words of new fanfic to the South Park fandom! We continue to run occasional events for the fandom, typically the big bang main event and a smaller art-focused challenge. Everyone is welcome to participate and we are open to all genres, ratings, and pairings in the fanworks we host.

Want to get the latest SPBB updates or know when sign-ups for the next round open? Follow @spbigbang on Tumblr. There's also a main/news community on Livejournal, if you prefer to do things the mid-2000s way. (We do.)

Currently, SekritOMG is the SPBB Coordinator. Significant help came from founding co-coordinators Miaou Jones and w0rmsign, who worked tirelessly on challenges through SPBB 2013 and SPRMB 2014, respectively.


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