1. The fic is from Gregory's point of view.
  2. You can assume that the language they're speaking is that of whatever country they're in. So when they're in England, everyone speaks English. When they're in France, everyone speaks French, unless otherwise indicated.
  3. Bosche, Jerries, and Huns are WWII slang for the Germans.
  4. Maquis was the nickname of the members of the French Resistance.
  5. The SOE was a British program during WWII in which soldiers were sent to France to assist the Resistance movement. They did both sabotage and intelligence work.
  6. Anything else you're confused about can probably be pretty easily Googled.
  7. I tried to make this as historically accurate as possible. Lots and lots of research went into it. That said, I'm not a historian, and sometimes information of what I was looking for, specifically, was hard to find. So, you know, I took a few liberties.

End of notes, enjoy!

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