South Park Big Bang 2014 Fanfics

Avenging Angels
by theshadowswhisper - art by 3moartist, LaW, Marie, and z04
Summary: After a series of unfortunate accidents and run-ins, Mysterion meets a mysterious female vigilante (Wendy). She just might be the crime-fighting partner to complete him (if she doesn't kill him first). Kenny must choose between the thrill-ride of vigilante work, and protecting the ones he loves from the consequences of his actions. Meanwhile, Karen finds love in controversial places, and Kyle wishes he had less in common with Mary Jane.
Betas: kyleisgod, Mousynona
Pairing(s): Kenny/Kyle
Character(s): Kenny, Wendy, Kyle, Cartman, Karen McCormick, Scott Tenorman, Butters, Stan, Bebe
Rating: NC-17 / M
Warnings: Deals with dub-con themes, such as statutory, and inebriated-past-decision-making-capacity preying (implicit references; nothing graphic/explicit); abortion (again, implication and references, nothing graphic/explicit); and QUITE A LOT OF graphic and explicit action/violence. Character deaths.

A Watery Hole in the Ground
by 24601 - art by Arvy, Clyde Joseph, and Hausinge
Summary: World War One. Kenny McCormick, who has signed up to the British Army as an escape from his life as an orphan, now effectively lives in a small dugout on the front line in the north of France with his friend Butters and four other men. All there is to do is to watch the German line and wait for orders to come through. But when orders finally come, Kenny finds himself wishing to have those dull days back.
Beta: Ukaisha
Character(s): Kenny, Butters, Craig, Kyle, Stan, Clyde
Rating: PG-13 / T

By a Thread
by rensrenegade - art by 3moartist and Palliris
Summary: When Butters, Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Karen and Carol McCormick find themselves in a room fit for horror and gore films with nothing but a television screen, they have no clue what to expect. Unbeknownst to them, Kenny is in the adjacent room with nothing but a letter containing the means to their survival and escape. Their lives are in his hands, and in six gruesome trials his mind, body, and heart are all tested as well as his strength. While they are left to watch his acts to save them, his friends and family are quick to realize he is in as much danger as they are. They also can't help but question his will and ability to save them, and, more importantly, who is behind their torment.
Beta: fallingwthstyle
Pairing(s): Mentioned/implied Stan/Kyle, Kenny/Butters
Character(s): Kenny, Butters, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Carol McCormick, Karen McCormick
Rating: R / M
Warnings: Graphic/explicit violence, implied violence, explicit content, character death

Flirting with Disaster
by Sakata, with contributions from Mary - art by Cobaye, Nhaingen, and v4nilah
Summary: Mysterion and Professor Chaos are rivals. Kenny and Butters are lovers. Sometimes when boundaries get blurred, it's a wild encounter. Sometimes it ends very badly.
Summary: Beta: SekritOMG
Pairing(s): Kenny/Butters
Character(s): Kenny, Butters
Rating: NC-17 / M
Warnings: Explicit sex, mild bondage/roleplay, graphic violence and blood, character death

by fallingwthstyle - art by Burnawayy, kennymcshamrock, Marie, and Anonymous
Summary: Stan is a handful of months from his 30th birthday, and hates his life and being an adult. Once a year he gets away from it and reconnects with the one thing he still has left of his childhood, the only time in his life when things made sense: Kyle. And even that connection is fading away. He would give anything to go back to those simpler days, fix a few mistakes they both made along the way, and most of all relive it and pay more attention this time. One strange night, he gets the chance to.
Beta: howtodisappearcompletely
Character(s): Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Tweek, Craig, Butters, Sheila, Ike
Rating: PG-13 / T
Warnings: Drug use, three "off-screen" character deaths

No One Ever Talks About Global Freezing
by Mookie - art by derscroot, Marskels, and neavvs
Summary: When Kenny McCormick's family wins an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii, he befriends Leopold, an easy-going employee at the resort; obsesses over a soft-spoken dancer to whom Leopold may or may not be related; and gets a brief taste of what it would be like to have a normal family. Returning to South Park means going back to the way things were, until a new kid moves to town and Kenny learns a few things about his island crush, his brother, and the universe. Except not really the universe.
Beta: Natea
Pairing(s): Butters/Kenny; Butters/Tweek, various other pairings
Character(s): Butters, Kenny, Tweek, Kevin McCormick
Rating: NC-17 / M
Warnings: Graphic/explicit m/m sex; some underage drinking/drug use

On the Brink
by Anonymous - art by CP, Kayotics, paramécie, and synnesai
Summary: Pangea-style AU. Our story begins one hundred years after the end of the Orperfi war and the ban on violence, and humanity has come to a standstill, unable to progress or grow from its mistakes. But what exactly is Cartman Corp hiding? Stan and Kyle search far and wide for answers, finding the help of others along the way. Their methods up until this point are varied, but their end goal is the same; take down Cartman Corp.
Beta: Shannon
Pairing(s): Stan/Kyle, Kenny/Wendy
Character(s): Stan, Kyle, Wendy, Bebe, Kenny, Butters, Eric, Damien, Satan, Clyde, Craig, Token, Ike, Tweek
Rating: PG-13 / T
Warnings: Violence, character death, language

Youngbloods - The Awakening
by Quartetship - art by amnestart, emeraldtree, Kayotics, and Anonymous
Summary: Stan — Number Seven — lives a peaceful, predictable life with the eleven other children raised in his facility. When he is injected with an experimental chemical that mutates his DNA and changes his body completely, he believes his life to be over, just like the girl who mysteriously went missing weeks before. But with the help of his cohort and friends, he escapes certain death and vows to help others do the same. This is a story about the gray area between truth and lies, about doing the right thing even if it feels wrong, and about learning to be human even when you're not. This is the beginning — the story of the Youngbloods.
Beta: A. Brown, T. Barker
Pairing(s): Kevin/Red, Clyde/Bebe, Token/Nicole
Character(s): Majority of main child characters, plus various adults
Rating: R / M
Warnings: Violence (graphic), mentions of violence (non graphic)