South Park Big Bang 2016 Fanfics

a walk in the wilderness to clear your mind
shylohs - illustrated by Caetnir and kennymcshamrock
Summary: There’s a very good chance Stan has seen this exact scenario in more than one romantic comedy, but if they turned out okay in the end, then maybe this will, too.
Beta: Zoe
Pairings: Stan/Kyle; Kenny/Butters
Rating: R / M

Starting Anew
by ittsbutters - illustrated by hnbi and Lula
Summary: Butters had always felt different from everyone else. His whole life he had been made fun of for being gay and girly. He wasn’t gay, however. He came out as transgendered. This is the story of Butters’ transition from being Butters to Marjorine and all of the complications that come with such a difficult decision.
Pairings: Kenny/Butters
Rating: T / PG13

Do You Wanna Have a Bad Time?
by Cthulhu_007 - illustrated by Miroir
Summary: If so, proceed. You have been warned! When tragedy once again strikes the barrier that divides the entirety of existence, it's up to South Park's foremost residents to rescue their families and save the world from permanent destruction. But the agents of the enemy have already found them...
Beta: StickofTruth, fallingwthstyle
Pairings: Stan/Kyle; Kyle/Cartman
Rating: M / R
Warnings: Graphic sex, violence, character deaths and more. Reader discretion strongly advised.

Love Like No One’s Watching
by Mookie - illustrated by Clyde Joseph
Summary: Shelly Marsh hated a lot of things about South Park. She hated having a father who didn’t know the first thing about having a daughter; she hated having a brother who was everyone’s darling; and most of all, she hated having to go back and start over. There was no way that she could have predicted that Kevin McCormick would play a part in her life the second time around, but she did know that it was all Stan’s fault.
Beta: Natea
Pairings: Kevin McCormick/Shelly Marsh
Rating: M / R
Warnings: Semi-graphic, awkward first time sex; underaged drinking; drug and alcohol abuse; lots of head canon.

by HandbagMurder - illustrated by Natteregn and Xiao
Summary: Craig Tucker is a dysfunctional astronomer and untrained mechanic, living comfortably in an isolated desert town. Despite being small and out-of-the-way, he thinks that the place isn’t actually that bad provided one isn’t bothered by frequent alien sightings or the activities of the bizarre sect based a few miles out of town. With a lunar eclipse approaching, however, the sect is claiming the end of the world is at hand, and when a stranger who calls himself ‘Tweek’ passes through town on his way to way to participate in Armageddon rendezvous, Craig distracts him. Consequences ensue.
Beta: W. D. Livingston
Pairings: Craig/Tweek
Rating: M / R
Warnings: Horror, character death, violence, happy ending not guaranteed, brief references to suicidal ideation.

Rain Country
written by 24601, kankri, and TheShadowsWhisper - illustrated by craig and SnackySmores
Summary: Gregory St. Clair’s imaginary friend is a little French boy who lives in the attic. Gregory dreams that one day, he will be Great; he will be Legendary. Gregory knows he is destined for bigger things, and he knows that Christophe will always be by his side.
Beta: swearingsoubrette
Pairings: Christophe/Gregory
Rating: M / R
Warnings: Death, violence.

The Human-Joozian Cultural Exchange Program
by Snackysmores - illustrated by Kennymcshamrock and Paramécie
Summary: Captain Wendy Testaburger is a rising star at the Earth Remnant Academy of Space Exploration, and she's always looking for a way to distinguish her crew, but when she signed on to the Human-Joozian Cultural Exchange Program, she may have bit off more than she could chew.
Beta: Jesse
Pairings: Stan/Kyle; Wendy/Bebe
Rating: M / R

The Saga of Stan and Kyle
by SekritOMG - illustrated by maccha and nolly
Summary: A new translation of the much-loved icelandic saga recounting a blood feud that erupted in medieval Colorado.
Beta: julads
Pairings: Stan/Kyle; Kenny/Butters; Clyde/Kevin Stoley
Rating: M / R
Warnings: Attempted coercion; violence, gore, character death, and cannibalism.

The Sound That Forevermore Separates the Old from the New
by julads - illustrated by Hausinge and Isobel
Summary: In the fall of 1957, Sputnik inadvertently draws two classmates together.
Beta: Hollycomb
Pairings: Stan/Kyle
Rating: M / R

This Endless Expanse of Universe Ain't Big Enough for Us
by Mattysones and TheShadowsWhisper - illustrated by pombi
Summary: Adolescence is hard enough without Cthulhu living in your pond.
Beta: TheShadowsWhisper
Pairings: Stan/Kyle; various minor
Rating: MA / NC-17
Warnings: Non-graphic portrayals of verbal familial abuse, heavy drug usage (all consensual), homophobic slurs, non-graphic deaths (Kenny), fake heterosexual relationship, depression, suicidal idealizations, teenage sex

When the Lights Go Down in South Park
by wettermark - illustrated by Bamfcrawler and Mad Tuna
Summary: Something is very wrong in South Park. Stan has an insatiable hunger, Kyle can't turn Stan away when he comes looking for Kyle to fill his unending need, Kenny is engaged in espionage involving the second-tier Prince of Hell, and Butters needs help disposing of a body. Meanwhile, Cartman is ordered to volunteer at a Legal Aid office to fill his court-mandated community service hours. One of these things will bring about the Apocalypse before all is said and done.
Beta: julads
Pairings: Stan/Kyle, Kenny/Butters
Rating: MA / NC17
Warnings: Mpreg, age difference, dubious consent, sex with demons, implied attempted non-con, dubiously consented to pregnancy

The Long Walk
by fallingwthstyle - illustrated by Kura and Maud W
Summary: Based on the premise of the Richard Bachman/Stephen King novel of the same title. AU. In a future dystopian America there is only one sporting event, the annual Long Walk. Over a trillion dollars is wagered on it each year. Fifteen teenage boys begin this grueling contest but only one can win the ultimate prize; the others will pay the ultimate price. Kenny enters for the second year in a row hoping to use his unique ability to win his family a fortune. He didn’t plan on falling in love.
Beta: StickofTruth and rensrenegade
Pairings: Kenny/Butters, Stan/Kyle
Rating: M / R
Warnings: Violence, angst, multiple major character deaths, sexual situations