South Park Big Bang 2012 Fanfics

6 by 6 by 6
by weeaboobs - art by Hausinge and Varigo
Summary: Evan gave an incoherent grunt, his first noise of the morning, and flopped down face-first on Henrietta's bed. "It's way too early for this," he pointed out rightly. "Also, there's no way we're going to be able to kill a bunch of ghosts. We can't even run the mile in PE."
Beta: Anonymous
Pairings: Tallgoth/Redgoth, Ike/Kindergoth
Rating: PG-13 / T
Warnings: Action and mild violence

Afterschool Film
by Momo and Kei - art by Keessa and Mookie
Summary: When left alone during their weekly tutoring, Stan discovers a camcorder on Kyle's desk. He immediately becomes curious of the contents and snoops into the files located on the filming equipment. He finds some interesting footage that makes him think twice about how much he really knows Kyle and changes his view of his best friend.
Beta: Kei
Pairings: Cartman/Kyle, Stan/Kyle
Warnings: Graphic sex, PWP

by Labyrinth1n3 - art by Nhaingen and Soltian
Summary: South Park has been seemingly void of any and all cataclysmic events for nearly eight years. Then, out of the blue, Kyle finds his brother wrapped up in something new and potentially dangerous. Trying to be a good brother, he employs the help of his friends to figure out what Ike is up to and what it has to do with this mysterious goth kid.
Betas: Blinkidybah and PrincessBelle212
Pairings: Cartman/Kyle, Georgie/Ike, one sided Henrietta/Stan, platonic Stan/Kyle
Rating: R / M
Warnings: Implied Sexual Acts, Violence Scenes

Do I Turn Out OK?
by River Oak - art by Momo and thatreevesgirl
Summary: Stan and Kyle are 16 and still "Super Best Friends." Not much has changed in South Park, least of all their group dynamics. But when Kyle gets a girlfriend with an eerie resemblance to his best friend, and when Stan gets a mysterious visitor who won't leave him alone and claims to be from the future, both Stan and Kyle are going to see things that could change everything (and go through typical South Park shenanigans!).
Beta: Anonymous
Pairings: Stan/Kyle (brief Kyle/OC)
Rating: NC-17 / MA
Warnings: Gratuitous use of the F-word and quite a few homophobic slurs (in dialogue) + certain injuries not being taken as seriously as they probably should

Eyeliner, Crackerjacks, and Everything in Between
by chickienine - art by Effingbirds and klonki
Summary: When Stan moves to California, he leaves all of South Park (and Kyle) a hot fucking mess. Upon his return three years later, he steps into a South Park not quite prepared for this new version of Stan, or is it Stan that isn't prepared for the new South Park? If Stan can finally get his shit together, he may be able to figure out how to fix whatever's happened to his hometown and to the best friend he left behind. Wherein Stan wears eyeliner, cooks, and paints his nails, Kyle is a wall, Ike is casually badass, and Kenny sucks at damage control.
Beta: shimshake
Pairings: Stan/Kyle, Craig/Tweek, past Stan/OC, an awkward Kyle/Craig/Tweek triangle, and other implied pairings
Rating: NC-17 / MA
Warnings: Romance, drama, sex, bad language, really just a gay teenage soap opera

Fall in Light
by Sally Forth - art by CMoonToon and NoWhere
Summary: Craig has never cared about being good at anything—not until last summer, when he realized he wanted to be good at what he's doing right now: he wants to be good at Clyde. He's pretty good but there's a lot he doesn't know, like whether they go too far sometimes. Clyde says it's never too much...but Craig thinks he only says that because it hasn't been yet. More importantly: if it's not too much, couldn't that also mean it's not enough?
Betas: Holly and w0rm
Pairings: Craig/Clyde
Rating: NC-17 / MA

by Hollycomb - art by Myss-Nomer and Zteif
Summary: Evil Kyle from "Spookyfish" and regular Kyle swap places due to a mishap. Regular Kyle is terrified and desperate to get back to his normal universe, whereas the "evil" Kyle senses opportunity.
Beta: azul_bleu
Pairings: Stan/Kyle
Rating: NC-17 / MA

How Long Till Your Surrender?
by wettermark - art by GreenByDay and sketchersocks
Summary: Stan is self destructing, Craig Tucker might be gay, Butters can't handle Cartman's wiener, and Kyle just wants to get out of South Park without losing his mind, his best friend, or his virginity.
Beta: tiggeryumyum
Pairings: Cartman/Kyle
Rating: NC-17 / MA

by azul_bleu - art by marskels and phunthyme
Summary: It's summer in South Park, and something weird is going on. It's up to Kenny to make it right. South Park meets Super 8.
Beta: Hollycomb
Pairings: Kenny/Wendy, Stan/Kyle, Cartman/Butters
Rating: R / M
Warnings: LOTS of swearing, violence/gore, sexual scene (although really not hardcore)

Kiss and Tell
by aliassmith - art by Sifl-senpai and sketchersocks
Summary: In which the girls write another list, Stan is paranoid, Kyle is unimpressed, Kenny is kind of a slut and Cartman feels left out.
Beta: theothergreyson
Pairings: Stan/Kyle, Stan/Wendy, Kyle/Bebe, Cartman/Wendy, Kenny/OFCs, mentions of other minor pairings
Rating: NC-17 / MA
Warnings: Swearing, misogynistic and homophobic language, sexual situations, underage (they're all around 17)

Lola and I
by elephantpickle - art by Ffion Eirlys and Adora
Summary: In an alternate universe, perhaps they could have been together. AU.
Beta: SekritOMG
Pairings: Stan/Kyle (sort of), Stan/Cartman
Rating: R / M
Warnings: Language, Child Abuse, Underage Rape, Character Death

might last a day (minus forever)
by sometimesalways - art by emixoo and NoWhere
Summary: At twenty-five, Kyle Broflovski thought he had his life all planned out. He was living in Denver with Stan with a nice apartment and a decent job. Suddenly, his world is turned upside down when Stan breaks up with him and he loses his job all in the span of a few months. Now Kyle is back in South Park, living with his parents, and trying to figure out where he goes from here. Enter Eric Cartman, who always got under Kyle’s skin as a kid, and who was now about to do so again, in more ways than one. (A story about reevaluating yourself and your life. Or, How Kyle Broflovski Got His Groove Back.
Beta: foxxcub
Pairings: Kyle/Cartman, Stan/Kyle
Rating: NC-17 / MA

Mysteries and Lies
by Margaret Delancy - art by phunthyme and SalemNeko
Summary: Kenny has been trying to find out the reasons for his powers since the incident with Cthulhu as a child, and when Butters finds a ring forged with Cthulhu's power Kenny thinks he's finally found the missing puzzle piece. Their fates are set into motion when with Henrietta's help, the two begin researching the cult of Cthulhu. But things start to go awry when Butters is faced with conflicting alliances between Mysterion and Cartman, and only get worse from there when the pair is thrown into strange dimensions against their will.
Beta: Druekee
Pairings: Butters/Kenny and Stan/Kyle, with mentions of Karen/Ike, Stan/Wendy, Cartman/Wendy, and Kenny/Henrietta
Rating: PG-13 / T
Warnings: Character death (and rebirth?); mild violence and swearing

Nonsense About Romance
by domolovesyou - art by Noxicosis and Synessai
Summary: Stan and Kyle like each other, and Cartman and Kenny know about it. Cartman wants to blow up and buy Israel for Wendy. Kenny looks for a boyfriend and ends up spending too much time with Butters instead. Also, other random shit happens. But it's South Park. What else could you expect?
Beta: Genis Aurion
Pairings: Stan/Kyle, Kenny/Butters, Cartman/Wendy
Rating: NC-17 / MA
Warnings: There's like, a little graphic make out session there. But it's tiny. Also there are character deaths of only Kenny. Multiple times

The Return of Raggedy Andy
by alpha_hydra - art by CMoonToon and Sugapieissofly
Summary: Most kids get a car for their 18th birthday. Damien just gets the Apocalypse.
Beta: Kitty
Pairings: Stan/Kyle, Damien/Pip, Kenny/various others
Rating: NC-17 / MA
Warnings: APOCAFIC. Probably violence, death, and gore. Crossdressing. Consensual sex between like-minded, underaged boys. and immortals (yeah, now is the time to run away screaming)

Self-Inflicted Bruises
by Zombielimeade - art by North and w0rmsign
Summary: To sum it all up, I'm one retarded, broke, lonely bastard who sucks dick every weekend just to get enough money to buy cigarettes to last me through the goddamn week. Oh, and get this, the cherry on the shit-sundae: I'm kind of in love with one of my best friends.
Beta: Shleebee
Pairings: Kenny/Red, with one-sided Kenny/Kyle and hinted-at Stan/Kyle
Rating: R / M
Warnings: Language, drug abuse, physical abuse, and mild sexual encounters

A Serious Case of Cooties
by SqueakGirl - art by Neavvs and Synnesai
Summary: Shelley, after enlisting the help of Eric Cartman, convinces Stan and the rest of his male classmates that the girls have a serious case of cooties. Kyle's not buying it, but Stan's not taking any chances. When Cartman starts selling cootie shots, Stan comes to the realization that cooties are pretty gay.
Beta: Yeahhaey and Hlessirah
Pairings: Stan/Kyle
Rating: PG-13 / T

Single Room, Double Bed
by Rosie Denn - art by lunarcakes and southartist
Summary: Stan and Kyle go on a trip and end up sharing a lot more than they anticipated. Once they return to their hometown, Kyle realizes that Stan is exhibiting some peculiar behavior, which he cannot ignore.
Beta: Jizena
Pairings: Stan/Kyle
Rating: PG-13 / T
Warnings: Language

Small Sanctuary
by Soltian - art by kyuubikun and w0rmsign
Summary: Kenny vanishes, and Craig finds himself the only one worried – turns out it was for good cause.
Pairings: Kenny/Craig
Rating: NC-17 / MA
Warning: Blood, murder, death, themes of suicide and suicidal behavior as well as explicit sex

Someone's Drawing Leaves
by theshadowswhisper - art by Shlee and thatreevesgirl
Summary: Wendy's got a job, Stan, and an interesting new patient. Everything is going according to plan. Bebe doesn't like plans. Now, she's back to see if she can convince Wendy it's better to live for the moment.
Beta: Caturday
Pairings: Bebe/Wendy
Rating: R / M
Warnings: Graphic sex, explicit violence, smoking, drinking, swearing. All the fun stuff :D

by broflove - art by Momo and Nhaingen
Summary: Maybe home isn't a house, because a house is no more than wood and nails and impermanence and decay. Maybe a home is a person, and that person had always been Kyle.
Beta: fracturates
Pairings: Kyle/Stan, mentions Kenny/Wendy
Rating: R / M
Warnings: Major angst, possible character death. Trigger warnings for depression and suicide

Suitcases of the Before and After
by Jizena - art by Arvade and spacerave
Summary: College goes by fast, yet Kyle can't help but re-live the best and worst of it as he packs to leave home after graduation. At the center of it all is his relationship with Stan, Stan's own struggle with creativity, and the relationship they both share with suitcases and a particular guitar.
Beta: Rosie Denn
Pairings: Stan/Kyle, with some Clyde/Bebe
Rating: PG-13 / T
Warnings: Minor occurrences of heavy language, sexual themes/content, and drug/alcohol use

Tearing Up My Heart
by hey_feygele - art by chromatic_coma and Ffion Eirlys
Summary: Kyle knows that Cartman is up to something. His friends are too polite (or possibly creeped out) to tell him that he's nuts.
Beta: Bets
Pairings: Cartman/Kyle
Rating: R / M
Warnings: Minor occurrences of heavy language, sexual themes/content, and drug/alcohol use

Two Strangers
by Teasel Meringue - art by Sifl-senpai and Sugapieisofly
Summary: Craig Tucker gets a temporary job transfer to a town he's never really spent time in. The last thing he ever expected was for one person there to have any impact on him. Tweek Tweak has had a rough life. It doesn't help when some random prick decides to come into his world.
Pairings: Stan/Wendy, Butters/Esther
Rating: PG / K+
Warnings: Language, references to drugs, sex, violence, rude behavior, and character death, and other things that are just ... not very nice

The Universal Law of Gravitation and Other Stories
by SleepySheep683 - art by Friggingodess
Summary: Stan, Kyle and Cartman spend a night in the South Park slammer at the posthumous insistence of Kenny. Broken, bloodied and angry after the wrap party of their Junior High play, can their strained friendship be repaired by sunrise? Cue flashbacks to a botched laboratory break-in, Bebe's religious epiphany, a school play that turns everyone's lives upside down, and Cartman's increasingly confused psyche.
Beta: Druekee
Pairings: Stan/Wendy, Kyle/Rebecca, Kyle/Bebe, Bebe/Clyde, Cartman/OC, Cartman/Kyle, Kenny/OC … and lots more.
Rating: R / M
Warnings: It would probably be easier to list what doesn’t need to be warned about. There’s no rape (exactly), there’s no incest (kind of)… There’s no tentacle sex. There. Do expect lashing of tasteless comedy and deliberate stupidity in between the pathos.

by Scarlettshazam - art by Adora and of_evangeline
Summary: Stan and Wendy are going to get married. Kyle and Bebe have objections.
Beta: w0rmsign, Chasing Rabbits
Pairings: Stan/Kyle, Bebe/Wendy
Rating: R / M

Walpurgis Night
by SekritOMG - art by 8shortfuse and I-Cause-Chaos
Summary: After a nuclear attack on the US, Stan decides to rescue Kyle, with whom he's been fighting, from ground zero. Kenny comes along for the ride.
Beta: Nhaingen
Pairings: Stan/Kyle
Rating: R / M

We Need Some Light
by cuchinta - art by ubuuu
Summary: One just can’t live a "normal" life in South Park, Colorado. Kyle is living under the parameters that South Park sets, even if it’s clearly not normal and pretty fucked up. After a life-altering night, Stan, realizing that the town’s apathy and general indifference is the norm, refuses to live in it anymore.
Beta: phunthyme
Pairings: Stan/Kyle
Rating: PG-13 / T
Warnings: Character death and suicide

The Well and the Lighthouse
by Effingbirds - art by Pitch and Yaahoooo
Summary: AU: When Gregory is sent to France during World War II to assist the underground Resistance, he has no intention of surviving. Little does he know, once there, he'll find a reason to live.
Beta: Athena
Pairings: Gregory/Mole, with slight Stan/Kyle and Kenny/Bebe
Rating: R / M
Warnings: Sex and death. Hey, it's war

White Line
by Anonymous and Regan - art by marskels and Salmagundi
Summary: Way back, in the long long ago, the birthgivers never returned to South Park.
Beta: princessbelle212
Pairings: Stan/Wendy, Cartman/Kyle, Gregory/Mole, other minor
Rating: R / M
Warnings: Generalized violence, burns, beatings, non-con oral sex, guns, alcohol use, cursing


The fics listed below are not complete standalones. Although we will not be archiving additional parts here, we'll add external links on the story pages themselves.

Forsooth, Part 1: February
by Shannanananana - art by outofmypie and shiftly
Summary: After their teacher suddenly quits, Craig and Bebe try to keep the Drama program afloat the only way they know how: gathering all their friends and trying to convince them to perform Shakespeare.
Beta: Sifl_senpai
Pairings: Kyle/Rebecca, past!Kenny/Bebe, UST!Cartman/Wendy, hints at one-sided Stan/Kyle
Rating: R / M
Warnings: Pervasive language, suggestive dialogue, brief violence and character death (but it's Kenny so there's nothing to be alarmed about), all involving teens. (But it's a comedy. I guess. I tried to be funny, but who knows?)


Unfortunately final drafts were not turned in for the fics listed below. Nevertheless, SPBB is pleased to present the artwork created for these stories.

Burn Faster
by Fling - art by shiftly
Characters in art: Craig, Clyde; Kenny, Butters

by Laura and Dee - art by w0rmsign
Characters in art: Tweek