Time kind of snuck up on me (and I've been battling some major writer's block on and off for the past few months) so I've decided this this going to be part one of a three part story plus an epilogue. THANK YOU SO MUCH to my AWESOME beta Sifl, who helped me steer this thing in the best direction possible; to my artists Erica and Mayron, who are so talented and amazing; to my Tumblr followers, who put up with me talking about my fic for ages; and to Miaou, who has been nothing but supportive and has encouraged me to keep going even when I was seriously contemplating dropping out. And to whoever's reading this, I guess. You might be okay. You might not. It depends. (Seriously, though, thank you.)

Chapter 1: Where We Lay Our Scene: Craig
Chapter 2: Civil Blood Makes Civil Hands Unclean: Kenny
Chapter 3: Both Alike In Dignity: Wendy
Chapter 4: Remember Thy Swashing Blow: Bebe
Chapter 5: Do You Quarrel, Sir?: Craig
Chapter 6: The Law of Our Sides: Kenny