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Although this story was not received, SPBB is pleased to present the artwork created for it.




Craig turned down the music. "He got a gay-ass piercing? What does it look like?"

"Does it make me look like a total douchebag?" Clyde uncovered his nose for all to see.

Kenny nodded.

"Aw, fuck. I knew it..."




He said nothing as Kenny reached over the parking brake to grab his hand. They laced their fingers together, and sat in silence for a few minutes. Butters looked out his window, trying not to cry. And then he noticed something crawling on the windowpane: a ladybug. How weird, he thought. How did it get inside his car? And how was it surviving in this weather? He pointed at it and Kenny smiled, then leaned over and held a finger out. It crawled onto Kenny's fingernail, and he held it up between the two of them. They watched it move, watched its little stick legs and its antennae. Kenny lowered it down onto Butters' finger, and their fingers touched—Butters watched it crawl across his palm, and he turned it over as it kept going and going.