Kyle and Stan sat huddled together to share the only writing surface in Kyle's room: his computer desk. Tutoring his best friend was something Kyle did often. Stan asked for help at least once a week and the other boy provided it out of the goodness of his heart. He didn't want to see his best friend plummet and fail either. He would feel somewhat responsible if he didn't step up to the plate and actually help out when he knew he could easily. Plus, tutoring Stan gave him a mixture of pride and satisfaction. He enjoyed helping his best friend where he could.

Kyle was nearly finished helping Stan on one page, when he heard his mother call him. He tried to pacify her shouts with a "BE RIGHT DOWN," but that wasn't satisfying her as she only called again, somehow impossibly, louder. Aggravated, he tossed the pencil down against his desk. Stan sympathized with Kyle and offered a smile of understanding. This was a good time to pause their lesson, He wanted to take a break anyway.

"Make yourself at home," Kyle mumbled before he closed the door behind him.

Stan did exactly that. He stacked his homework on top of his text book and shoved it aside creating more space. Switching to Kyle's seat, he pulled out the keyboard from under the desk to preoccupy himself with the computer. He wanted to distract himself as much as possible and ignore what was going on downstairs. If Kyle was in trouble it would be embarrassing for the both of them if he heard his mom scolding him.

Kyle didn't return after Stan finished browsing his favorite internet sites. His eyes wandered away from the computer screen for ideas of what else to do. Homework was an option. Kyle would be proud if he returned to studying and completed the assignments he did understand. The thought of studying caused his stomach to knot, so that was out. His eyes caught the large camera that shared the desk with Kyle's computer monitor and Stan's homework. He wasn't aware that he owned film equipment. None of the possible reasons he could come up with to why a digital camcorder had a USB cable connected to his best friend's computer made sense. He wasn't in any sort of film or drama class. At least to Stan's knowledge he didn't have any interest in that sort of thing. He didn't have a use for a camcorder that expensive when he could use his phone to record something.

Curiosity wouldn't allow Stan to just let it go. He immediately faced the monitor and accessed the drive on the camcorder. It was the only way of finding out why Kyle had the camera without asking him directly. He was surprised to find two videos there, but it made sense. If it was empty, it would only add the question of "Why is it connected to the computer?" to the list. He couldn't convince himself not to play the video. After all, the answers to all the questions that swam in his mind were there.

"What if your mom finds it?" Kyle complained.

Stan jumped at the sound of his voice. He whipped his head toward the door, but it was still shut tight. He felt foolish the moment he realized the sound originated from the computer and lowered the volume. The purple walls in the video looked familiar. It wasn't Kyle's room and it wasn't his own room either. His room wasn't as messy. Whoever was holding the camera was sitting on a bed. All Stan could see was the edge of it and a TV against the wall directly in front. It was clear Kyle wasn't the cameraman when he walked in and out of view.

"My mom's not going to find it."

Everything clicked the moment he heard that voice in a flat tone. He felt stupid for not realizing it in the first place. The expensive camera pointed to Cartman, just like the room's walls and the floor covered in trash. Those large thighs protruding out of the bottom of the screen could only be owned by the fatass.

"Besides, my mom wouldn't give two shits if she saw it." The camera whipped towards the left side of the room. The door was within view as well as Kyle who was still pacing. Cartman zoomed in and out to test the controls.

"I don't care if it's something she'd accept or not, asshole. My whole point is I don't want her knowing what's going on up here." Kyle stopped walking when he realized Cartman had the camera focused on him. "Are you already fucking recording this? Jesus, Cartman, nothing's even going on. Turn that thing off, I can see the fucking red light. Can't we talk this through without you filming every fucking second of it."

Kyle stomped over to Cartman, having enough of it. The fat boy didn't have enough time to lie or give an excuse. Kyle grabbed onto the camera, uncaring whether or not he crossed a line by touching his expensive equipment. He should have known better than to just think he could film him without his permission. The struggle between the two boys jerked the camera all over the place. Stan could see the walls and various objects in the room, but all the movement gave him a headache. At this point he would have stopped the video if he wasn't curious about what it was Cartman was trying to get Kyle to do.

The camera suddenly slammed down onto the edge if the bed and the lens pressed into what Stan assumed to be Cartman's thigh. Kyle lowered his voice threateningly. Although quieter, his angry, hissed words could still be picked up on the camera.

"I never told you 100% that you could go through with this, you know that right? If you're going to disregard my conditions for letting you do this, then I'm walking right out of here." Cartman's laugh made Stan jump. His voice was just as low.

"You aren't going to leave." Stan could tell the fat boy was grinning from ear to ear just from his tone. "You won't leave until you get some."

He furrowed his eyebrows to understand what it meant. He thought he heard wrong, but didn't bother to go back and check. He didn't think that the fat boy was being literal about it. The video ended. Stan wasn't satisfied with the litte information he received to piece together what was going on. There was one last file. It was possible it was unrelated, but he took his chances and checked.

"What makes you think I want it so bad," Kyle answered him in a voice that was just touching on playful suggestion. His pulse had quickened just from the fat boy's words and he was in the mood to banter about it.

Cartman shot his hand out between Kyle's legs and grabbed a tight hold of his balls. The redhead let out a gasp which quickly turned into a small whine. He held perfectly still in his grip. The camera gave off creaks from the renewed strength in Kyle's clutch.

"You would have never shown up in the first place if you didn't want to be fucked." He loosened his grip and massaged him. He avoided touching Kyle when he could, but he did so occasionally to get what he wanted. All that mattered was that he got off on their weekly visits. He didn't give a shit if Kyle did.

"Even if that was my intention for coming over here, what makes you think I can't change my mind now?" His voice was softer, more breathy and his eyes were almost shut from the rubbing. He enjoyed Cartman's handling touches because they were rare to come by. Cartman removed his hand and Kyle gave an annoyed grunt to signify his distaste. The large boy thought he had him right where he wanted him. Letting go of his sensitive area was purely tactical.

"I want you to tell me why you want to record it, Cartman," Kyle tried to explain his concern. "What reason do you even have for wanting me on video? You're not trying hard enough to cover up my suspicion. Don't you think I know you well enough by now?" He tried to pry the camera from his hand at that point. Cartman let out a low growl as he fought back with the camera. His plan wasn't working. He shouldn't have let go of Kyle's balls so soon.

"Damnit Kyle! Stop it! You're gonna break it!" He whined.

"Give me one good reason why I should trust you with video evidence. You must think I'm really stupid." Cartman latched onto Kyle's wrist with his free hand to keep him from jerking the camera.

"Don't you want to see it?" Cartman switched strategies, persuading him with words. "Don't you want to see what you look like when you're getting fucked?" His reason for wanting footage of them fucking wasn't just to jerk off to later, though that is how he wanted it to sound. They had a good thing going, but he could see it coming to an end any time. They had an agreement to keep their situation a secret, but he couldn't trust a Jew to keep his side of the deal. He needed insurance.

For a moment, Kyle almost felt flattered by those words, but confusion overrode it all. Did Cartman think he looked so good getting fucked that he wanted to share it with him? Even if he didn't, it revealed that Cartman enjoyed seeing it. Which is something he should have realized. It was the same for him, in a way.

"Why would I want to watch myself? I'd rather watch you fuck me," he blurted out. His face went red with anger and embarrassment. Cartman's grin returned from the confession. "And that's...something I can see when we're doing it, so. Fuck, this is ridiculous. We want to have sex, so let's just have sex. Why are you making me wait." He huffed with irritation.

The fat boy weakened him, but it wasn't enough to get him to agree to being filmed.

"Look, if you're so worried about it being the last time you'll get to see me like that and you want to have it recorded for posterity or whatever, just forget about it. I don't plan on this being the last time. It's good, what we have going. I hate you. You hate me. We like to fuck, so why would I end a good thing like that. What we have right here is working. I'm not going to fuck it up. Just don't worry about it."

With that, Cartman's grin disappeared. This turned out harder than he thought. He didn't think Kyle would agree right away, but he did think it would be easier to get him to agree than it was. Kyle leaned forward, one hand on Cartman's thigh and the other groping him through his pants.

"All you have to do is get hard for me," he whispered, moving in to nip his ear. His new ambition was in turning Cartman on to the point where he would forget about the whole camera business. The fat boy wasn't going to give up that easily. He was determined to make this happen.

"You just said you want to see me fuck you, right? Well, after I record this you can watch me fuck you all you want." He knew what Kyle was trying to do and by not fighting his arousal he could turn it around on him.

"Shut up, Cartman," Kyle mumbled, embarrassed at being reminded of that. He happened to glance at the camera he was no longer touching. He could see the red light was off. He figured it was on accident, probably turned off during the struggle or something. He decided to proceed with his plan regardless. Kyle smirked to the other boy and began undoing his pants. He rephrased his earlier words. "Shut up and let me make you hard."

Cartman smirked. He wasn't sure he had crossed the finish line, but he took a risk and slowly lifted up the camera he had full control over. He glanced at the screen to find out that it had shut off. It wouldn't have turned off automatically if it had been recording. He didn't think about the reasons behind it too much. He was planning on cutting out their argument during the editing process anyway. He pressed the power button. Kyle slid to his knees on the floor. Cartman pressed the record button the moment he had an image of the Jew on his knees on the small screen.

Stan clicked on the next video file. The camera was in a completely different angle than before. The fat boy was sitting on the edge of his bed and in between his large legs crouched Kyle. He could see the top of Kyle's hat along with a little bit of his features. With that and the ruffling sound from below, Stan couldn't figure out what was going on.

When Kyle pulled his head back, the camera got a shot of Cartman's cock as Kyle gently pulled it out of his pants.

"Oh fuck!" Stan almost fell out of his chair. He covered his mouth before he made any more noises that might call attention to the room. He gaped at the image unable to stop or look away. It couldn't be real. This had to be fake. Cartman must have used a computer program to do this. His best friend wasn't bracing his arms on Cartman's legs and leaning his head in close to the tip of the fat boy's length.

The camcorder rested loosely in the fat boy's hands while Kyle slowly stroked his cock from base to tip. His eyes drew up. While keeping his smirk, he dashed his tongue across the slit. Cartman groaned. He returned the smirk, challenging him to do more. Kyle gave him a few more slow strokes before he spit on his dick. He rubbed his warm saliva into his shaft for a few moments, listening to the sound.

Stan recoiled as he turned down the volume on the computer. The sound of Cartman's dick sliding against the walls of Kyle's fist was disgusting. However, he couldn't simply shut it off. He was stunned by the image on the computer screen. It was unbelievable and mesmerizing. His initial questions about the camcorder had been answered. The film injected a few more questions to swim around in his brain. It was unlikely he would find the answers by continuing to watch it. Yet, he couldn't turn it off.

"I want to be fucked soon, Cartman," Kyle breathed out, trying to melt his mind with his seduction. "So don't make me wait long." He glanced back down at his cock. He wrapped his lips around the head of it and sucked gently while he stroked the rest of it just a bit tighter. Cartman groaned. His hand came into view and knocked Kyle's hat off his head.

"Mmm, yeah...that's it. If you want me hard enough to fuck you, suck me."

Stan hated Cartman's sounds. He wanted that fat piece of shit to shut up. He was sure Kyle felt the same way, but the way he reacted when he heard those words didn't show it. He only moaned and took more of him into his mouth. Stan had his elbow on the desk and his head in his hand while he watched his best friend do something that was clearly not for his eyes. He wondered how he could find enjoyment in working a dick with his mouth and why he chose to give oral to Cartman of all people. They loathed each other since the moment they first met. He couldn't imagine that had changed recently and that the arguments now was just an act. Stan finally accepted that this was Kyle. His best friend had his mouth around the racist boy's dick for reasons Stan didn't understand. He could tell by his expression that he was enjoying it. He was turned on by it. Kyle was doing it so he could be fucked. He pretended to give Cartman the show he wanted; he relinquished his control over the situation so he could get his way and have sex with him sooner. Stan couldn't believe that was really what this was all about. There had to be more to it than that.

Though, Stan was amazed at how well his best friend could blow a guy. Kyle jerked the base of Cartman's cock while he took the remainder of it into his mouth. He bobbed his head over it, rubbing his tongue along the underside and sucking him off roughly. A moan escaped Stan's lips. He didn't hear it. It mixed with the noises that came from the computer. He blocked out any noises that didn't originate from Kyle. His jeans had become tight. His free hand traveled down between the chair and the desk to brush his fingers against his bulge.

"Fuck," Stan hissed when his arousal was brought to attention. He scolded himself for being turned on by a repulsive sight. It wasn't as horrible as it could be. He could ignore Cartman since the only parts of him he saw were his thighs and dick. It wasn't anything he hadn't seen many times as a child, though he didn't want to see it. At least his cock was being covered by Kyle's hands and mouth.

Kyle made the video hot. His movements were hypnotizing. Stan fought the urge to pull out his arousal and give himself tight strokes like he saw his best friend doing to Cartman. Jerking off to his amateur porn video was wrong and disgusting. There was no telling when Kyle would return. He could walk in to find Stan with his jeans down and his hand around his cock. He wouldn't be able to explain himself. Kyle would no doubt end their relationship for nosing in his personal things and being a pervert. He wouldn't get on his knees and suck his cock like in the video. He wouldn't ask him to fuck him.

Stan's face turned red. A deep breath wouldn't cool it down. He couldn't think with an erection and his mind couldn't fight with logic or reason. He was too stiff to stop it by simply turning off the video and ignoring his arousal until his body calmed down. He didn't want to stop the video anyway. He wanted to see more of Kyle and watch it to the end.

Finally giving up, Stan took the risk and unzipped his jeans. He moaned the moment his shaft was free of the first layer of clothing. He didn't pull out his length from his boxers just yet. He decided to tease himself at first. Instead he stuck his hand into them and pet himself while he watched.


On one ascending suck to the tip, Kyle grazed his teeth against Cartman, just enough so he'd feel it but not enough to hurt. The fat boy groaned before he dug his large fingers into his tight curls. As if to get him back for the use of his teeth, he jerked at his hair to control the speed of his mouth. Kyle pulled off with a pop and jerked him rapidly in his fist.

"Are you ready yet," he breathed. "Do you want to be inside me now?"

Stan groaned. He wanted to see Kyle take a dick up his ass. He would look twice as wonderful as he did with one in his mouth. Kyle looked around the fatass to see if he had the lube out yet. He frowned when it wasn't there.

"Get your lube and I'll do the rest of the work." Kyle didn't expect Cartman to prepare him, although he should since he just gave him a blow job. It was a little weird for Cartman to have lube, but considering his mom, it wasn't as strange. Kyle always made sure he was around for the opening of the bottle to verify it hadn't been tampered with and the seal was fresh. He didn't want to use his mom's old lube, after all. Sometimes he wondered if Cartman didn't sneak it out of his mom's room and it was just given to him. He didn't want to ask though. He didn't feel prepared to hear the answer confirmed.

"You get it!" Cartman ordered. "It's under the bed." The camera zoomed out, or at least that's what Stan thought at first. The fat boy was inching backwards so that he was fully on top of his bed. The camera remained on Kyle. Stan could see the full mess of Cartman's room. Laundry was scattered along with papers video games and trash. His mother hadn't gotten around to cleaning it yet and she wasn't allowed to bother them on days Kyle was over. Kyle pulled an angry look.

"You don't do fucking anything around here, fatass. I have to get the lube AND prepare myself while you lay back and let me do all the work. When I know you want this just as much!" His voice raised even more towards the end. It was maddening. Cartman said nothing. He grinned from behind the camera and played with the zoom to get the right shot he wanted.

With a huff of defeat, Kyle crawled over to the side of the bed. He peered beneath carefully rather than just blindly shoving his hand under. He didn't trust whatever lurked beneath enough to do that. Cartman's clothing found their way underneath as well as old cheese poof bags and other snacks. It took a few tries of looking, his ass in the air though thankfully still clothed or he was sure Cartman would have gotten a kick out of filming it. He still recorded it, clothed and all.

Finally raising himself from Cartman's filthy floor, Kyle produced the tube they needed. He placed the lube onto the bed while he hurriedly undid his pants and lowered them. The fat boy zoomed out to get Kyle's body in the frame. He didn't have to worry about his filming being interrupted since the other boy was more concerned about getting fucked. Kyle took down his boxers next, his stiff length showing itself to the camera without shame. There was no embarrassment in it because he sure he would have ample time to steal away his camera and destroy the evidence. Cartman was never up to anything but sleeping when they finished. It would be too easy.

Stan swallowed when he saw his best friend's erection. His cheeks burned and his heart pounded. He was amazed that he could be turned on by giving the fatass a blowjob. Then again, Stan was turned on just from watching it. Kyle reached down and stroked himself a few times, needing the friction after being turned on for so long without some pleasure. Stan moaned. He didn't find dicks to be attractive, so why was Kyle's different? He wanted to reach his hand into the monitor and wrap his fist around Kyle's shaft to pump him tightly, but he wasn't real. The best Stan could do was pulled his own cock out of the hole in his boxers and imagine it was Kyle's.

Kyle stripped off his jacket and shirt next, dropping them onto his bundle of pants on the floor. He crawled to the center of the bed. There was no decent way of showing the camera how he prepared himself. He rested on his side with his leg up and bent. It was the best position he could think of to give Cartman the show he wanted. While he coated his fingers in the slick substance, the camera captured his entire body in frame. Cartman wanted to get his expression as well as the way he gently prodded himself. Kyle didn't pause with the first finger. He just slid it in. He bit into his lip as he remembered the feelings he would have soon.

Stan moaned Kyle's name, completely entranced by him. His lidded eyes were glued to the screen as he finally gave himself direct touches. He was too stiff to stop now. He didn't want to, anyway. He was determined to finish, while watching the video of his best friend. He didn't think about the consequences or the risks. Reaching his peak was the only thing on his mind.

Kyle added a second finger, followed closely by a third. With all three inside, he actively pumped his ass while biting back moans. He looked over at Cartman's cock, wanting it as he stimulated himself. The fat boy eased his own ache with his free hand. He zoomed in on Kyle's fingers giving Stan a nice close up shot of the action. To Stan, there was something almost gorgeous about that image. Kyle looked perfect with those fingers buried deep inside him and that expression of ecstasy. He wished he was the only one allowed to see it.

Unable to wait any longer, Kyle pulled his hand away and squeezed more lube into his hand. As he scooted over to Cartman, the fat boy leaned back with the camera, pulling the frame back to keep Kyle in the shot. Kyle wrapped the palm with lubricant around his length and jerked him with it.

Stan took a brief moment to look around and find any supplies. He was sure Kyle jerked off in front of his computer just like he did. He couldn't have gone to Cartman's house every time he was horny. Lotion would really make him feel like he was the one who was fucking Kyle and not the fat piece of shit. After opening up a few drawers on his desk, he found it along with a box of tissues. He squeezed the lotion onto his hand and transferred it to his erection. He shuddered the moment his sleek fist stroked his erection. He moaned a thank you to his best friend.

Kyle waited until he had the fatass' cock entirely slick before he climbed on top of him and guided the tip inside. His expression showed everything, every emotion and honest portrayal of discomfort, while he slowly took the other boy's dick into his body. Stan's grip on his cock tightened as he slowly descended his hand much like his best friend was doing to the fat boy.

"Fuck," Cartman grunted. He didn't want to compliment the redhead, but his walls grip on his shaft was enough to make him finish. It wouldn't have been the first time that happened. Kyle let out a harsh breath the moment he was fully seated and he rocked against him almost immediately. Each movement pulled either a gasp or a moaning pant from his lips.

"God, you feel so good," Kyle breathed, realizing how much he needed it now that he had it.

Cartman glanced at the camera to make sure it filmed the way Kyle rode his shaft. It wasn't the position he had in mind for their little porn film, but it was just as hot.

"Look at what a dirty Jew you are, fucking yourself on my dick. You can't get enough of it."

Kyle tipped his head back and moaned loudly. He hated Cartman so much, but his words always managed to make him ache. He didn't want to admit how much they were true, but his silence, aside from more heated sounds, revealed more than enough.

Cartman's free hand moved into frame. He dug his sausage fingers into his flesh and ruined the perfect shot. He needed to feel like he had control over the way Kyle rocked. Though, in reality, it wasn't much. He squeezed his skin while Kyle's heated walls stroked his shaft.

Stan continued to ignore Cartman and his grunts. He focused only on Kyle. The camera didn't get a good shot of the penetration that was going on, but his best friend's expression as well as the way his erection bounced along with his body was arousing enough. No porno had ever turned him on as much as this video of Kyle did. He didn't even find guys attractive. Kyle was different. He shouldn't have been different. He should be grossed out by him as much as he was grossed out by Cartman. Instead, he watched his best friend while he copied his rhythm and imagined what it would be like to be inside of him. The lotion provided a slickness that helped the illusion as well as the way Cartman filmed.

"I bet you're going to watch this video later, fucking your hand and remembering how hard I made you come," Kyle muttered between heavy breaths as he rode his length deep.

"Pfffh," Cartman breathed with his usual attitude behind it. He could see himself jerking off to it while edited the video but he would never admit to it.

"You love watching me ride your cock, don't you. You sick f-- ahh..." Cartman's length hit him just right causing him to let out a long groan while he stilled. His back arched and he shivered a bit.

The sound was enough to make Stan come, but he managed not to lose control. However, his shaft leaked a little and his eyes fluttered shut. He held back because he wanted to finish when his best friend did.

"Fuck, Cartman," Kyle whispered hoarsely. "You're so big inside of me. God, I hate you so much...but I love the way you fill my ass."

"Yeah, I bet you like that," Cartman grinned through his haze. He was reaching his limit. He learned early on the consequences of coming early. He wasn't so much worried about Kyle being pissed. It was the combination of Kyle being pissed with an erection that led to bad results. He wasn't in the mood to go down that road again. He had to hold back the best he could and last as long as Kyle did. "What a dirty slut. You're so hungry for my dick. You crave getting your ass pounded."

Kyle clutched onto Cartman's shoulders, digging his nails into him as he started riding him a bit harder. The teasing brush against his prostate only made his desire worse for the rough sex his body craved.

"Fuck me...fuck me," he begged. "You know I need it hard. Tear me apart." He shamelessly fucked himself for the camera. His bouncing cock dripped as he desperately rode the shaft inside of him.

"You want to be fucked? Get on your stomach." The change of positions was what they both needed. It would allow Cartman to capture a better shot of the penetration and he wouldn't have to keep holding the heavy camcorder. He could also fuck him the way he originally planned.

"Oh god, yes, fuck..." Kyle mumbled incoherently at the thought of that position. He pulled himself off of Cartman's shaft, moaning quietly as the head slipped out.

Stan's jaw dropped. Cartman's pre connected Kyle's entrance to his shaft. The image brought Stan dangerously close to the edge. He stopped his hand to take a breath and calm himself. His cock dripped some more, but that was expected. He didn't have time to back up and replay that beautiful scene since the real Kyle could return at any time. His heart pounded in his chest as he glanced at the door. He couldn't have that happen. He needed to finish without his best friend knowing he was jerking off in his bedroom. Though, it was arousing imagining his best friend walking in on him. His mind played out his best friend's reaction.

Kyle in the video needed to be filled immediately, but he ignored that deep urge by turning away from the other boy and getting on his fours. His nails dug into the bedspread. Arching his back, he presented his ass to the corpulent boy. He held his legs wide apart, bracing himself for the thrusts he needed. He didn't pay any mind to the camera catching these embarrassing parts of his body. The visuals of his opening that briefly was the same width of Cartman's cock before returned to its original size when he exhaled didn't deter him from getting into the position. Nor did his balls hanging beneath. No one would ever see the video. There was no way he'd let anyone see this.

Kyle's bedroom opened and in stepped the very model that was panting out like a whore currently on the screen. Stan's head whipped towards the door. The red glow on his cheeks that he received from watching the video broadened across his face. With his hand on his dick, he gaped at his frozen best friend while his amateur porno filmed by his own enemy playing out on his computer.

Kyle's face burned just as much and he shut the door behind him quietly. How could he have been so stupid as to leave that there for Stan to rummage through? He wanted to believe the other boy was just watching any porn off of his computer and masturbating. That would have been a hell of a lot easier to deal with.

" must think...I...I didn't mean for you to see that..." He couldn't stop looking at the other boy's hard cock. It was obvious he was checking him out. Stan fumbled with the mouse with his free hand as a delayed reaction. However, he failed to turn it off as well as let go of his cock.

"Dude, are you touching yourself?" Kyle really couldn't think of any other way to say it. It was clear his best friend was hot by watching him. On deeper realization he noticed he was turned on by Stan's being turned on by him. It was complicated in a way, but his own length definitely became stiff over it.

"No! I'm-" Stan couldn't come up with an excuse that would be believable. "I'm sorry..." He didn't know what else to say. He glanced at the computer screen for some sort of answer. Cartman was trying to put his dick in Kyle and hold the camera at the same time. It took him a few tries before he realized it wouldn't work and set it down beside them. Kyle approached Stan. His demeanor suddenly changed.

"Don't stop," he instructed him, turning the chair around and pushing the keyboard in. Stan gawked with a loss for words. His best friend sank to his knees and rubbed his hands up and down Stan's thighs as he watched his length from up close.

"K-Kyle..." Stan's voice returned.

The sounds on the screen continued to play out as Kyle batted away his best friend's hand and replaced it with his own. He gave it a few test rubs, listening to the lube that had already transferred to the hot flesh making its inviting sounds. Stan's eyes fluttered shut and a moan left his lips. Without protest, Kyle leaned in and swirled his tongue around the swollen head of his best friend's cock.


Kyle raised his eyes to meet Stan's, offered a small grin and told him softly, "Keep watching the screen. I want you to see me getting fucked. Pretend it's you in my ass, Stan... I want you to imagine you're fucking me while I suck you off."

Stan held eye contact to confirm he was serious, before agreeing with a nod. Without any further words, Kyle took Stan into his mouth. He bobbed his head over his length instantly, sucking hard and occasionally sweeping his tongue playfully across the weeping slit. His hand jerked at him with deep, tight strokes as he sucked and wet the rest with his warm mouth and tongue. His free hand held tightly to Stan's hip, trying to keep him from thrusting the way the vision on the screen would be.

Stan whined and groaned over Kyle's tongue flicks. He bit onto his hand to keep his sounds hidden. It was hard to keep silent, but the last thing he wanted was for someone else to walk in because of the noises. Kyle's mouth encouraged him to reach his peak and the sucks over the tip felt like it would draw out any release that dare come near it.

Cartman shifted the camcorder on the bed so it got a good shot of what was going on underneath them. Kyle's stiff shaft bounced every time Cartman thrust and his balls swayed. Stan wished he could see Kyle's face as well, but the fat boy was more interested in filming his dick pulling out of Kyle's entrance. Cartman didn't give Kyle any mercy. He threw his large hips into him, hitting him deep. His fat fingers dug into his sides. The bed squeaked as loud as their groans.

"Fuck, Kyle..." Stan moaned to the boy in his lap, "you look amazing." He glanced down to watch the way the other boy worked his dick. He had seen it before minutes earlier in the video. It was beautiful in person. He pulled his hat off wishing to pet his red curls.

"Do I taste good?" Stan asked in a gentle voice. "Do I taste better than Cartman?" Kyle could hear the insecurity in his best friend's tone. Confident he could make Stan feel good with what he was about to say, he freed his mouth by drawing on the tip before he removed his lips audibly from it. He smiled.

"Who the fuck is Cartman?" he asked jokingly. "Sounds like a real loser." Stan was the only one he could see. "Can't you tell from how wet my mouth is? It's just watering for you. I want you inside me in every way, Stan. You taste so good. Just sucking you off has made my cock start dripping in my pants. ...I feel like it's going to tear a hole through them. Your dick is so big and perfect it's making me ache, Stan. God, I want you." Without another word, he hastily recaptured Stan's length as deep as he could go, renewing the power of his suction and the motion of his head.

"K-Kyle..." Stan's eyes fluttered shut. He hummed, satisfied with that answer. Stan would be better for Kyle than Cartman. He could pleasure Kyle better than Cartman. His length was bigger than Cartman's. He was more fit than Cartman, so he could last longer than him too. His virginity didn't cost him points. He could make Kyle feel amazing despite that.

The Kyle on screen was breathing harder, on the verge of coming while getting his ass pounded visibly. His cock dripped on the blankets, just moments from spurting.

"Harder...oh god...I'm so close!" He rode his ass back against him, encouraging the rough, deep thrusts he needed.

Cartman lost it when he heard Kyle's cry. It was to be expected. Holding back that long was difficult for him no matter how many times he fucked Kyle. He grunted as he slammed violently into him. He pumped his cock and encouraged every drop to help fill the Jew.

" like that," Cartman groaned. "Take it hard," he spoke between pants. He was only after his own pleasure. "Fuck! I'm gonna come. I'm gonna fill up your tight ass. You want that don't you, you dirty jewrat."

Kyle shouted out Cartman's name in a mixture of anger and desire. He hated those words, but at the same time his goading spurred on his pleasure so much. Even the pain of his thrusts were welcome, but he wanted just a bit more stimulation than that. Risking losing his balance, he desperately reached for his leaking dick. Predictably, his face was pressed into the bed as he lost the battle for balance. He turned his head to the side, letting his cheek rub against the sheets while digging into them with his other fist. His free hand finally wrapped around his cock and that was all that mattered as he beat himself off feverishly.

"I'm gonna come...don't stop, I'm gonna...ahhhh."

Stan curled his fingers around Kyle's hair. "M-me too," he replied to the video. Kyle heard the words and moved his hand to fondle Stan's balls. He encouraged him to come inside his mouth.

"Ah-ha...Kyle!" Stan glanced down at the redhead to see his mouth engulfing his cock. He questioned him silently to make sure he wanted him to finish there and received a silent confirmation. He turned back to the Kyle on the computer screen. He wanted to see his face. He wanted to see his expression as he came, but Cartman was too busy pounding his ass to adjust the camera for Stan.

Kyle let out a long groaning sigh as he milked his own length, squirting out his release onto Cartman's bed. It was deeply satisfying to spill where his enemy slept. It almost matched the wonderful feeling of having the come pounded out of him.

"Kyle!" Stan moaned as the camera captured each shot out of his best friend's shaft.

Cartman's thrusts gradually decreased to a stop. He pulled out of Kyle and fell on his ass. Normally, he would have collapsed on top of Kyle and enjoyed the pain of crushing him with his weight. However, that wouldn't look good for their amateur film and he wanted to get as little of himself in the video as possible. There was a chance he would have to show this to someone in the instance that Kyle broke their deal.

Stan looked at the boy between his legs. He whispered his name to him repeatedly until he reached his peak. Kyle responded to each one by a moaning against the cock and sucking deeply. Stan's fingers curled in his hair. His body stiffened and his back arched. He whined, shooting deep into his mouth. Kyle didn't pause. He pumped him with his mouth, sucking deep and hard to take every drop. His throat bobbed with each swallow. He continued kneading at his balls between finger strokes against the base and rubbing his hip while he finished.

When Stan's body relaxed and his mind had cleared, guilt and shame hit him at once. Kyle was no longer with his head in his lap. He hadn't returned to the room yet. Stan had given himself a taste of what would have happened if he had been interrupted. It was a pathetic fantasy. Kyle would have never gotten on his knees and pleasured him.

Stan pulled his hand off of his cock and looked at the mess he made all over his hand and jeans. Luckily he didn't shoot on the desk or any of Kyle's things. He reached for the box of tissues in the drawer immediately, then glanced towards the video that was still playing.

The camera appeared to be zooming out. Though in reality, Cartman was pulling it towards him by it's strap. He lifted it and zoomed in on Kyle's entrance as it returned to its original size. Cartman's release rolled down to his balls. Stan still thought Kyle looked beautiful like that. He could tell Cartman was trying to make him feel humiliated. The video ended with a final zoom out to show Kyle's face.

With his unsoiled hand, Stan closed out all the windows on Kyle's computer. That was the best he could do to hide the fact that he saw what he saw. He cleaned his pants with tissues and wiped around the computer just in case. He tossed his mess into the trashcan near the desk and pried himself out of the chair.

"I'm sorry, Kyle," he mumbled to the empty room. After tucking himself back into his jeans he moved over to Kyle's bed. Lethargy was normal after an orgasm. All his energy was sucked out of him by the Kyle he briefly imagined.

He kicked off of his shoes and climbed into his best friend's bed. The smell was relaxing. It pushed away that guilt and shame for a few moments. He slipped back into that fantasy, imagining that he was enjoying the afterglow with his best friend. He told him how sexy and beautiful he looked in the video. He wanted to be the only person who was allowed to see Kyle like that.

Kyle returned to his room. His first sight was his best friend on his bed. He smiled warmly at the scene, feeling a bit sad at the fact that he fell asleep waiting for him. He wandered further into his room, quietly shutting the door behind him.

He decided to let him rest while he messed around on the computer. Once he sat down, something seemed off. He smelled lotion, which was an unmistakable scent that emerged whenever he jerked off with it. His first thought was how embarrassing it was that the scent still lingered from the last time he masturbated, but that couldn't have been the case. He had just been here with Stan on the computer and he didn't notice it then.

Kyle glanced over to the side of his desk where he saw the drawer was open. He froze. He didn't leave that open. Upon further inspection he discovered used tissue in the waste bin nearby. He definitely emptied it that morning. It wasn't like Stan to masturbate using his computer. It was oddly bold of his best friend. Kyle looked to see if he could find the porn he used to get off, mildly interested. That's when he realized what was still plugged in. He couldn't move or speak. He sat there processing the worst information imaginable.

After several minutes, Kyle stood up and approached the other boy. Had he jerked off to the disgusting porn filmed? There was only one way to be sure. If he jerked off to it, then he... Kyle blushed at the thought of Stan liking it. He had no time to shun it away on grounds of being absurd. For the time being, it made sense. He sat on the bed beside Stan and placed his hand on his shoulder. He just held it for a moment, stroking his thumb lightly over the material of his shirt before he gently shook him.

"Hey, Stan. Wake up, dude." He figured if he asked if Stan watched what was on the video, he could respond in two ways. One, he would be super defensive and embarrassed which would prove to Kyle that his porn tape was what got him off and they'd have reason to speak about it. Two, Stan would not know anything about it and his oblivious reply would give Kyle his answer. He wouldn't give away that he knew Stan jerked off on his computer or what was on the recordings. He had nothing to lose. The other boy groaned as his dream disappeared as well as the memory of it. His view connected with Kyle's and his lips curled slightly.

"Hey, dude." Stan's mind gradually started up again. He rubbed his eyes and yawned. "Sorry, I guess I dozed off."

Once Stan was awake, Kyle mumbled, "Did you watch the videos from the camera?" He tried to keep from flushing too much. He didn't want Stan to know he was ashamed of them in case he answered with the latter scenario. There was no use in making him feel suspicious over the content.

"Huh? What video?" Stan asked still partially asleep. It wasn't until his own words hit his ears that he realized what Kyle was asking. His face suddenly became hot. He quickly rubbed it with his hands. Why would Kyle be asking that? How did he know? He pulled his fingers away from his eyes to briefly glance at the computer. It had gone into sleep mode. He couldn't remember if he left the folder open or even the video player. Fuck. If he did he couldn't easily lie about it. Kyle felt for his best friend. He realized he backed him into a corner so he decided to help him out.

"Don't be embarrassed. I...I should be the one embarrassed. And I am. I guess we both should be."

Stan sat up in the bed. He shook his head feeling shame for what he had done despite Kyle's words. The other boy offered a sheepish smile, trying not to feel the same about his his performance although it was obviously good enough to give his best friend a boner. His best friend who up until this moment he had no idea could even be turned on by another guy, let alone him. He pulled his knees up to his chest and hid his face.

Kyle was hesitant, trying to think of the right words to proceed with. He needed to explain himself though. He kept this hidden from his best friend for so long. He probably should own up to what was going on between Cartman and himself first.

"I'm sorry I never told you, dude. About fatass and myself. It isn't anything serious, so don't think I actually lo--" the word caught in his throat, "love him. That thought is so gross I almost threw up on the words," he chuckled halfheartedly. "No, we hate each other. And I don't know if you can understand that kind of connection. I know you've been more into love and romance and that side of things, so I can't really expect you to get it." He shrugged, hoping that didn't sound too rude. In reality, it was probably a good thing if he didn't get it. Kyle was the weird one to be able to share that kind of relationship with someone else. To think of who that other person was...well, it only confirmed the oddness.

Stan didn't want to hear about this. He just wanted to run and hide. He wanted to leave and forget all this ever happened. It was impossible. Every time he looked at Kyle's face, he remembered the same expression he had in the video when he was riding Cartman's cock.

"I owe it to you as my best friend, to tell you that this has been going on for a while. It's only...sexual." Kyle's face grew warm and he removed eye contact as he tried not to think about what Stan must have seen. He hadn't even been able to watch those videos completely. They made him feel too dirty. Stan shook his head and lifted it from his knees to speak.

"You don't have to explain it to me, dude. That's your private life and you can do whatever you want. It doesn't matter if I don't understand it." He looked across the room at Kyle's desk where the camera still sat. His homework was still there waiting for them. "I never imagined you'd be in a relationship that was only sexual. I never imagined you'd have sex with another guy or have sex with Cartman."

Kyle's face fell. He knew he was wrong for doing all of those things. Hearing it from his best friend's mouth crushed him.

"I...I know. I know, dude. It isn't..." he trailed off.

Stan shrugged saying silently that it didn't matter.

"But if you don't get it, why did you...?" Kyle gestured vaguely. "You know." Reconnecting his gaze with Stan's, he questioned. "Why did it turn you on...?" He practically whispered. He didn't trust his voice with that question. He was a little afraid of what the answer was going to be, and maybe a little hopeful.

Stan recoiled.

"I don't want to talk about this, right now." It was too soon. Stan didn't think he would get caught right away and confronted about it. He tossed Kyle's blankets off of his legs and climbed off of the bed on the opposite side. Kyle watched him, guarding a wounded expression as Stan headed towards the desk and gathered up his things. "I'm...I'm really, really sorry for what I did. I shouldn't have looked at those videos and I shouldn't have kept watching after I saw what it was. I'm sorry."

"No..." Kyle mumbled. He couldn't think of what else to say. He tried to process what was happening currently. It was a lot to take in in such a short time. Stan stuffed his homework and books back into his bag.

"I promise I won't mention anything about it to anyone." Stan zipped it up and lifted one of the straps over his shoulder. Kyle started talking, without giving it much thought, he just let the words spill.

"I can't even explain it, dude. Why I'm in this thing. It's just...the sex is good, I guess." He fell silent for a moment. Stan stopped suddenly. He dropped his bag onto his chair. The thought that he could give Kyle more pleasure during sex came into his mind. It caused his heart to bang in his chest.

"You're right, I shouldn't be telling you any of this. I'm sure it's gross to listen to, but at the same time..." At the same time Kyle knew he had been turned on by it. "No, nevermind. It isn't my business to pry either." He was still curious, but he couldn't sate that need for knowledge then. It was too awkward for his best friend. Hell, it was awkward for him too. The atmosphere was tense. Stan was probably right by wanting to leave. Kyle didn't want him to think he was upset though. That was the last thing he wanted him to think, because in all of this, upset was the last thing that crossed his mind. "I just want you to know, dude. Although strange and unexpected, I'm know, upset about any of this. It doesn't make me mad, what you did. I wish I understood more of it, but it isn't my place to know. I get that." He offered him a weak smile, trying to put on a show of positivity.

Stan took in deep breaths while he pondered over Kyle's words. As embarrassing as the whole thing was, Kyle had the right to know. It was about both of them and as best friends they should be honest with each other.

Kyle was a bit concerned over whether or not Stan's opinion of him had changed. He trusted his best friend not to go blabbing about it, but he worried about how he thought of him. His opinion meant a lot. Either way, he knew Stan wanted to be alone. Kyle imagined if their roles had been reversed, and he had found the recordings, and they were of Stan and Wendy or something. Immediately, he was disgusted thinking of Wendy in that manner. It took him a moment to realize he should have been having those thoughts of disgust for both people in the vision he just had. He was starting to understand. He would be just as turned on if he watched Stan having sex with someone. At the same time he felt betrayed, or short changed at least. Stan had watched him get worked up and have an orgasm, but Kyle didn't get to see his best friend do the same. He wanted to. He wanted to see his best friend come. Just thinking about it made his cock stiffen. He wasn't sure how he could explain that to Stan. Already he was worried about his opinion of him, but if he started coming on to him too, he would surely think he was a slut. He just couldn't ask Stan anything related to that now touchy subject. He had to let him go and process the information for himself. But first, he had to mend things.

"I'm sorry, Stan. Are you sure you don't want help with the rest of your homework first?" He had to offer, at the very least. He felt like it was his fault for leaving the camera out in the first place. Looking back, that was a very dumb mistake. "I can even finish it for you. This one time."

Stan let out a loud sigh. After a moment of silence, he turned around.

"I-I want to talk about it." He approached the bed and sat down. He brushed his fingers over Kyle's hand to urge him to join him. The other boy did, looking at their hands for a moment in thought.

"You should know. You're my best friend and what happened today might affect our friendship." Stan didn't make eye contact. He couldn't. If he looked at Kyle's face he would see the Kyle in the video. After another large exhale, he gathered up the courage to explain himself. "What turned me on in the video was you. It wasn't just the fact that it was sex or the fact that it was two guys having sex. I've never watched a porno with two guys before and I've never wanted to. I don't think that's the kind of thing that would turn me on since I don't even like guys. It was you that turned me on. I probably wouldn't have kept watching if you weren't in it or it wasn't all about you."

Kyle found he was holding his breath. That explanation was not something he was prepared to hear, despite wondering if that was the case. He didn't know what to say, so he remained silent. Stan's heart was pounding no matter how many deep breaths he took to calm it. He was no longer scared of his best friend's reaction. There was something else that made him nervous. As he spoke he was slowly understanding the situation and his actions. He didn't know what it would lead to, but continued.

"I know you must feel embarrassed that a video like that exists and someone saw it, but...after watching it, it wasn't embarrassing at all. Kyle..." Stan looked up finally making eye contact. Kyle met his gaze, curiosity forcing him to. "You looked amazing. It didn't look like it was your first time being filmed like that. I don't think anyone has ever turned me on like you did."

"Stan..." Kyle mouthed his name, even though he intended to speak it. His voice was gone. Stan dropped his head.

"I don't know what that means or says about me," he mumbled knowing how strange he was to find his best friend so attractive. Stan's compliments were making Kyle's face burn along with his body. He wasn't sure how to tell him his feelings on what that said about him. Maybe it wasn't his place to judge his feelings. Kyle decided to stick with his own and explain his side.

"I...Okay, this might sound even...worse. But..." He trailed off and rubbed at his arm awkwardly. "I think if I saw you like that...I'd react the same way. In fact..." He was having troubles getting it off his chest. "I kind of want to see it. Like if you had a video, I'd want to watch it. I'd want to get off to it." Stan lifted his gaze to Kyle's face.

"Kyle?" He didn't understand what he was trying to say. He couldn't believe their feelings were mutual. That didn't change the fact that Kyle was with Cartman. It wasn't love. It was just sex, but it was still something. It was intimate and had to mean something to both of them. Stan couldn't take Kyle away from him even though he wanted to. He couldn't come between whatever that was. Kyle was almost completely choked up by this point and unable to press out the remaining words. After a few slow breaths he managed to mumble it out.

"I bet you'd look amazing too." Kyle stared at Stan uncertainly then, afraid of what he might hear. He didn't tell his best friend, that when he imagined Stan being fucked in a video just then, he saw himself doing it. His best friend stared back still puzzled by the confession. His eyes traveled back down to his lap.

"I guess...that makes me feel better," he mumbled. He figured Kyle was only saying that to make him not feel so guilty. "Thanks..."

"But don't you think I'm real filthy now? I'm sure you think I'm different. That I've changed. And saying I didn't look like a beginner to being a porn star isn't exactly a compliment, dude."

Stan shook his head.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I meant that well if that was your first time I couldn't tell." He sighed and shook his head again. It wasn't a very good explanation. "When you had Cartman's dick in your mouth and you were working felt like...I don't know. I probably sound like some kind of creepy stalker pervert, but it felt like you were doing it for me. It was as if Cartman wasn't there and it was just you and me." Kyle bit his tongue and looked away. Stan shook his head. "I'm sorry, you probably don't want to hear anymore about that stuff." Kyle didn't seem repulsed by his confession, but that didn't change the fact that this was an uncomfortable topic. He didn't want his confessions to push his best friend away. Kyle wasn't totally upset by it all happening, but he must have formed some kind of negative opinion of him.

"You don't have to apologize," Kyle mumbled. There were things he wanted to say to that, but he wasn't sure how to start.

"I guess I can't say I don't see you differently. After watching that video, I can't look at you the same way." He looked over his best friend and Kyle looked back at him, feeling sad that his opinion changed. When he saw his lips curled to a small smile, he became confused.

"You're not dirty at all. You're beautiful, Kyle. You probably don't think you are, but to me you are. After watching that video I see you differently. I'm attracted to you now. I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at you."

Kyle's heart picked up. In all the times he let himself be fucked by Cartman, he'd never felt this way before. Cartman never complimented him like this. He never showed him affection or that he was of any importance. He never appreciated him. Kyle didn't think he needed that to enjoy sex or be happy with whatever it was they had. In his mind, he didn't want Cartman to show him affection. And really, he didn't. He saw now why being with Cartman was and had always been a bad choice. He wondered what possessed him to ever believe it would be a good one to begin with. For his best friend to look at him, knowing he was fucking around with someone he hated just for the pure fact of having sex, and after just having watched a porn video starring him, he could sit there and tell him he was beautiful. That he wasn't dirty. It melted him to the core. Kyle felt something he never wanted to stop feeling. He couldn't stop replaying those words in his mind. He didn't know how to tell the other boy how much that meant to him without embarrassing himself. He paused to think of some other realities that might surface if he continued the path he was on.

Stan's smile faded and his head dropped again. That too much information. He spoke from the heart, but Kyle didn't want to hear that. He sounded like an obsessed pervert.

"Are you okay with Cartman fucking me?" He knew how jealous Stan could be. Even though they weren't dating, he could see Stan turning out to feel possessive anyway. "You watched it and got off on it, but..." He smiled a little. "Did it bother you at all?" His enemy was fucking him. He would feel weirded out and unhappy about it if he heard someone like that was fucking Stan. Maybe even protective, in a way.

"Of course. I hate Cartman even more now." Stan didn't want Cartman's fat fingers touching Kyle's amazing body. He shrugged. "'re with Cartman. It doesn't matter how I feel about it." Kyle wasn't his no matter how much he wanted him. Kyle frowned.

"Now wait just a minute. Cartman and I aren't together in the way you say it. We aren't in a relationship. We've just been fuckbuddies, to put it lightly. I can't stand him. The sex was the only thing keeping me around, and...I honestly can't see how you don't see me as filthy, dude. You..." He found himself on the edge of a confession. He shut his eyes and sighed. "The things you've said to me tonight are words I've never heard. Words he never told me."

"I don't think Cartman could ever feel anything for anybody. That's just how Cartman is." Kyle opened his eyes and looked at Stan directly. He needed to be direct with him on this.

"I don't want him to care about me like that, but I want you to. I...don't know where that takes me right now. I just know that what you just said tonight...made me really happy. As you saw, Cartman doesn't give two shits about me. The least emotionally invested in that relationship, if you could call it that, was him. He treated me like shit. I took it because I'm disgusting." He shook his head. "And you see the beauty in that?" He almost wanted to laugh and show his skepticism, but he didn't want to break the happy feelings he had from hearing those words. He wanted to hold onto them just a bit longer.

"You're not disgusting, Kyle," His best friend repeated. He was slowly understanding why Kyle went to Cartman. "You wanted sex and that's normal for guys. You followed your urges and became fuckbuddies with Cartman." It was a mistake and not something Kyle should beat himself over.

"I bet you would be a great lover," Kyle said quietly. Stan's cheeks heated up as he stared at his best friend. Looking at the other boy, Kyle half grinned. "Tell me, Stan. How would you deal with me sexually? Could you give me what I wanted while still being the best friend I know and love?"

Kyle had his doubts. He didn't trust himself to be satisfied in a relationship unless he was getting what he had from Cartman. He was afraid that he was so dirty that he would crawl back to Cartman if the sex wasn't good enough. In reality, that probably would never happen. The love would be enough to keep him close, but as of this moment, Kyle honestly didn't trust himself. He had been given a cold look at his life currently and he didn't like what he saw. He saw himself as filthy and treated himself as such, with little respect or trust that anything could change. The proof of his shame was recorded and on his computer, where his best friend accidentally saw them. How much lower could he get.

"Well..." Stan looked away while he thought it over. He figured this was purely hypothetical. "I'm a virgin so...I'm not sure what it would be like. I know it would definitely be different than Cartman. I wouldn't insult you like Cartman does or treat you like shit. I definitely would never record us having sex unless you wanted me to. I think I could still give you want you want. I think I could do a better job than he does even though I haven't had sex. I'm-I'm bigger than him, so I could make you feel better than he can." Talking about it made him want it. He wanted to just show Kyle that he was better. He deserved to take his place. He wouldn't make Kyle regret it.

Kyle shivered at those words. He imagined the feeling and it was arousing.

"Since we are best friends we could do it whenever you wanted. It wouldn't look weird if you came over to my house a lot since you do that anyway. You're still my best friend and I love you. I wouldn't treat you or use you just for sex. You mean more to me than that."

Kyle didn't expect Stan's words to be so convincing. His body was warm the entire time he listened to him. Just when he thought he couldn't say anything to make it sound any better, he did. Kyle was breathing slowly by the time he'd finished speaking. He put it all together in his head. He wondered why he didn't see it before. It was likely Stan didn't see it until recently as well. Maybe that video, as shameful as it was, did bring about something good. Something worthwhile. He wanted to belong to Stan. He wanted Stan to belong to him. He sounded perfect. He dropped his hand into his own lap and rubbed his covered shaft slowly.

"Can I get a sample?" He smiled slightly at the other boy.

Stan gawked. His view dropped down to Kyle's hand and then back up to his face. He didn't know if it was some kind of weird joke or if he was imagining again. Leaning in, Kyle placed his hand on Stan's cheek and kissed him softly on the mouth. Stan melted. His eyes fell shut and he pressed into the kiss. When Kyle pulled back, he did so just enough to look in his eyes.

"Would you regret giving your virginity to me," he whispered against his lips. "Because I really want to feel you." Stan shook his head rapidly.

"I want to. I really do. I've always wanted to give up my virginity for someone I love. I love you, Kyle. You're my best friend." He pictured in twenty years from now that he would be satisfied with his decision. Not many people can say they gave their virginity to their best friend. Kyle kissed him again, smirking against his lips in a way to keep from frowning.

"I wish I could say the same." He had already disposed of his virginity in the most shallow way anyone could. He told himself it wasn't a big deal, but during times like this, when he was reminded it could be special for some people, he felt a little remorse over his poor decisions. Stan pecked his lips in between words.

"I'll" It had been life changing, but the change made him happier. It would make them both happier. Kyle moved closer, wrapping his arms around his back.

"I don't think you'd be disappointed either, if you liked what you saw on that video as much as I think you did." He nosed his jaw line, giving him a few kisses along it. "You're my best friend and I love you. Show me what I've been missing."

This was Stan's chance. He could prove to Kyle that he was a better fuckbuddy than Cartman. They wouldn't really be fuckbuddies if Kyle decided to share himself with Stan instead. They would be friends with benefits. He wasn't doing this for the sex anyway. He was doing this because he wanted Kyle. He wanted to be the only one who was able to see and touch him. He didn't know how long it would last if he did decide to switch over, but it would make him happy. He could make Kyle happy too. Stan wrapped his arms around Kyle and pulled him towards the bed. He had to inch back a little so that they were both fully on it.

"Since it is my first time, can we go slow?" He wanted to savor Kyle and the experience. He wasn't sure if Kyle would want to be with him after this was over, so this could be the first and last time he had sex with him. He wanted to remember each second and how it made him feel.

"Of course," Kyle replied. "Take your time. I'm in no rush. Besides, I want you really bad. I can be patient for that. You're giving me your virginity, how could I say no?"

Stan licked his dry lips before he kissed him. Kyle kissed back fully with a soft moan. He wasn't used to all this kissing when it came to sex. Already, this was putting a new feel on the experience, and one he no longer wanted to be without. Stan had changed his mind already, through a few kisses. The thought that his best friend was capable of that made him smile. He stroked his back and held him close as he kissed him a little harder. Stan reached for his hair knocking off his hat and freeing his curls. He finally got to feel them just like he had imagined.


"Mmm," Kyle moaned quietly into the kiss. The contrast between his usual experiences with Cartman were vast, even at this point. The fat boy usually tore some of his hair out, he wasn't just rough but uncaring.

Stan rewarded Kyle's sounds by licking the seam of his lips. He loved those little moans. During the video, it was difficult to catch all of them. Now that he had his best friend in his arms he wouldn't miss any. They were made just for him and no one else.

"You know..." Stan said after he broke their kiss with a sound. He removed his hand from his hair to rest on Kyle's side, occasionally stroking. "While I was jerking off to the video, I imagined you walking in and seeing me like that. You touched me and helped me come." Remembering it aroused him. He never thought he would have the real thing. Kyle laughed softly. Stan's fantasies were endearing rather than arousing, which was probably a counterproductive reaction that Stan wanted him to have.

"I love you so much," Kyle whispered to his best friend before kissing him again.

"I love you...too..." Stan expected Kyle to ask him to describe it not to laugh. Kyle decided to tease him about it after the next few kisses passed.

"So you weren't afraid of me coming back to my room and seeing you like that? I never did tell you how long I'd be gone. You were taking a pretty big risk to jerk off to my porn."

"Yeah, I guess that's why I thought about what would happen if you caught me." It turned perverted thanks to his erection. Though, he wondered if it would have ended the same way. "Hey...what would you have done if you saw me like that?" Eager to feel his best friend's skin, he slipped his hand underneath Kyle's shirt. He resumed his petting and explored the soft texture for the first time. Kyle shut his eyes and arched into the touch a little. Stan was being affectionate with him and it was turning him on more than the foreplay he was used to, which was practically nonexistent.

Kyle grinned when he thought about his answer and opened his eyes to study the other boy's.

"After seeing your perfect cock? The one that's bigger than my last fuck's? I would have probably pushed you back against the chair and rode it. Show you how it really felt so you wouldn't have to watch and visualize you were doing it anymore." The compliments flustered Stan. Kyle leaned in and kissed him deeply. "I'd do the same thing your fantasy Kyle would have. I'd make you come hard for me." He was unaware that his fantasy Kyle gave him a blow job instead.

Stan would have loved that, but part of him was glad it didn't end up that way. Now they could enjoy each other and take their time. It would have turned into a quick fuck on the carpet. He wanted more than that for his first time.

"You're making my fantasies come true right now."

Kyle placed his hand on his face, gently touching his cheek and stroking with his fingertips.

"In all seriousness, dude, I'm sure it would have turned me on a lot to see you stroking yourself like that. I already told you that if I saw a sexual video of you I would have done the same thing as you." He slid his hand down to cover Stan's length. The other boy's eyes fluttered shut and he moaned. He resisted rocking his hips into his hand.

"I want to see you, Stan. Show it to me. I haven't been paying any attention to it all these years and now it looks as though I've been missing out." He kneaded him through his pants gently. "I want you to fuck me," he whispered out, a little heated against his lips before nipping the lower one.

Stan continued to moan unable to remind Kyle that he wanted to take it slow. His arousal stiffened thanks to his teasing hand. He was just as eager to see his length in person, but he resisted it. He'd rather continue to brush off any place Cartman might have touched him and replace it with his own.

"But I'm willing to wait a while to have that happen. Can I just...appreciate what you're doing for me by giving you a nice, slow handjob right now? I can get my lotion and coat you with it while kissing and whispering to you. It'll give me a chance to size you up and fall in love with your cock too." Stan nodded.

"But I still want to touch you and kiss you for a little while longer."

Kyle smiled, understanding.

"Mm, okay. I guess I'm not used to all the foreplay." He was actually pleased to know Stan wanted to get to know his body first before fucking it. Showing signs of affection like this was all but forbidden in his last relationship. It was hard to break the habit of holding a mostly emotion-free guard up. The only emotions he had been allowed to show in the past were anger and arousal. They were the only ones he wanted to show at the time, given the person he was fucking, but still.

Stan's hand moved farther up his shirt. It slipped under his arm and almost up to his nipple before traveling back down. Kyle sighed at the contact and kissed him a few times, more tenderly than before.

"Thank you," he whispered to him. "I can't imagine how good it will feel to be fucked by someone who cares about me." He smiled a little. "I still want you to do me hard, Stan. I want you to be just as rough with your thrusts, but I want to know you're doing it for my pleasure too. Not just your own. There's a big difference there that I've been blind to after all those bad sessions I've had. Already you're making me want to do everything in my power for you. Just by fucking...playing with my hair and kissing me. He never kissed me, he yanked my hair out rather than toying with it. I feel like an idiot for falling to pieces over sappy things like this, but...I can't tell you how much I want you. You're making me feel so good and I haven't even seen your hard dick yet." He kissed along his jaw lightly before trailing down his neck.

"Mmm," Stan's eyes shut again. Breathing gently he tried to memorize the way those kisses felt. "I don't know what's going to happen when I go inside you. I'll probably start out slow and then build up to the speed you want." As long as he didn't come early, he was sure he would be fine. "You might have to coach me." He was nervous about pleasing Kyle. So far he was doing well, but he worried about screwing up when it came to fucking. He wasn't as experienced as Kyle. The other boy chuckled.

"I will. I'm sure you'll do fine on your own though. Just do whatever you wanted to do to me while you were watching the video. I don't think I'll be disappointed. Already you've done so much more for me than he has. I'm rambling though, and I'm embarrassing myself by how needy I sound. You just sound...really good, Stan. So good. I want to be your first so much. I want to be yours. You deserve me and he never did, but it tears me apart to know that you think I deserve you when I obviously don't. If only I hadn't been so sexual with him. If only I could give you my virginity too. I would in a heartbeat. You should have had it and I regret so much not giving it to you. I want you to know that." Stan pecked his forehead.

"Don't beat yourself over it.I would have liked to have your virginity, but I'm not upset things didn't turn out that way. You can have mine and you're letting me have you. The moment I saw you in that video I wanted you to be mine so much. This makes me so happy." Stan pulled back to look over his best friend. Instead of going straight for his pants he reached for the ends of his shirt and helped him out of it. He hummed as he rubbed his palms over Kyle's chest. "Fuck, dude you're gorgeous."

Kyle flushed. He wasn't used to words like that in regards to him. He hated that his mind tried to make him believe it was a lie. There was no reason for Stan to lie, he was going to get some whether or not he told him positive things about his looks. It was just really hard for Kyle to accept. He didn't know how to react other than rubbing his best friend's shoulders and arms in an affectionate way before slowly pulling his shirt off in return.

"I think I know why you think you're dirty." The realization suddenly hit Stan. "It's because Cartman made you feel that way." He leaned in and took his best friend into his arms again.

Kyle shut his eyes, thinking about the other boy's observation. Maybe that was it. Maybe it was all Cartman's fault. But he wasn't raped. He had to blame himself for it too. He rubbed his cheek against Stan's shoulder, knowing his best friend was trying to heal him of all the self-deprecating thoughts he picked up from his sexual encounters.

"I promise I won't make you feel that way. I'll make you feel as perfect as you look to me."

"Stan..." Kyle couldn't hold back his words any longer. His voice was broken when he finally called his name. He cleared his throat and turned his head to nuzzle against his neck. "I hate to put a damper on things...but it's hard to believe words like 'perfect' when they're told to you by someone who actually is." Or maybe he was just being too hard on himself, but it was really difficult to break those negative thoughts. Stan drew back to make eye contact.

"I'll make you believe it. I'll prove it to you," he said with a half smile.

"In any case, thanks, dude. I want to be as perfect as possible for you. If you think I am...then I couldn't be happier."

Kyle brought his hand up to cup Stan's cheek, leaning his face back to look him over again. His gaze was loving, yet wary. After a moment, he captured Stan's lips firmly. He kissed him deeply for several moments, listening to the sounds until he decided to give him more. They parted their lips at the same time. Kyle forced his tongue inside the mouth that gave him beautiful words he wanted to put trust in. Stan moaned when their tongues touched. His shaft stiffened and his hips inched forward.

Kyle moaned just hearing Stan's reaction to it before he wrestled his tongue with his. Despite the fact that Stan had heard him have sex and even orgasm, Kyle hadn't had the pleasure in doing the same. Stan sounded wonderful and he couldn't wait to hear his best friend during sex. He desperately wanted to make his best friend come.. He wanted to be the first to feel his shaft and the first to be filled by him.

Stan slid a hand from Kyle's chest to his side and down to his hip when he was ready to remove the last of their clothing. He took his time playing with the belt hooks on his pants before traveling to the front. Kyle's hips arched up, yearning for an escape to his pants. His automatic physical responses screamed at Stan to assist his erection. Stan played with his tongue while his fingers did the same with the button. He stroked, flicked and pressed his tongue against his. Once the top button was undone, his fingers brushed along his shaft as he slowly pulled down his zipper. Kyle's hips were writhing back and forth while he made strained grunts for his best friend to hear his need being spilled into his mouth.

"Are you ready?" Stan asked with his hands on either side of Kyle's pants.

"Ahh, yes. I've been ready for you, Stan." His hips kept giving occasional jerks against the hold Stan had on them. He wanted to be fucked. Stan could already see his bulge through his underwear.

"You look good. I can't wait to see it in person.".

"Please, Stan," Kyle sighed and on a moan, begged him. "Let me out... Touch me. I need it. I need you." He arched his hips again, a little more frustrated this time. Stan was great at teasing him, and he wasn't quite sure if he was meaning to or not.

His desperate plea hit Stan's arousal.

"I want you to see how hard my cock is for you," Kyle breathed out, his head tossed to the side and his eyes shut. He couldn't look him in the face and say it. Stan had a sense of innocence around him. He wanted to bite his tongue for sounding so dirty.

Stan found himself gaping at his erection once it was free.

"Fuck, Kyle you look amazing." He reached for the base and pumped it once. He was just as hard as he was if not harder. It made Stan desperate to get out of his pants as well. "Oh, I should get the lotion." He climbed off the bed to retrieve for Kyle. He handed the bottle to him before he joined him on the bed again. He undid his own pants eager to return to kissing his best friend. The embarrassment of showing his erection to another caused him to hesitate. Slowly, he removed the last two layers of clothing. Kyle swallowed hard when he saw it and nearly dropped the lotion.

"Um. Wow, dude. You look really nice." His eyes flicked from Stan's cock to his eyes. "I'm not just saying that, you've seen Cartman's. Your dick is beautiful." He chewed on his lower lip a moment before adding, "It'll feel really good I bet."

At first Stan didn't know how a dick could be beautiful until he scanned Kyle's. He wanted to stroke and massage it. Knowing exactly what he meant, his lips curled at the compliment.

"I think we're the same size," Stan said with his head lowered and his cheeks flushed. "But we're both bigger than Cartman..." He trailed off not knowing what else to say.

"There's a way to find that out," Kyle mumbled with a smirk on his face. He grabbed Stan by the hips and pulled his inexperienced soon to be lover closer. Stan gasped the moment their lower halves touched. Kyle nipped his ear as he lined their erections up, brushing his against the other boy's as he raised his hips. "Ahh, it feels good on mine," he whispered to him.

"Feels good." Stan kissed Kyle's lips repeatedly. "Feels so good."

Kyle reached his hand between them and wrapped his hand around their shafts just enough to hold them together. He humped Stan's cock a few times slowly, panting softly to him. He melted his best friend into whines and moans. His body quivered, but he couldn't move any more than that. When Kyle figured they needed to move on, he leaned back and looked between their bodies.

"Mmm, I think I'm a little bigger than you are."

Stan opened his eyes, blinked at Kyle and then compared their cocks. Kyle looked at Stan then, smiling.

"But it's not like I can fuck myself. You'll be the biggest I've taken. I really want to take it." He gave him one more quick thrust, then let their lengths go and sat up. He returned his attention to the lotion bottle. He squeezed some out on his hand and slathered it over Stan's erection.

"Kyle..." The other boy moaned. His eyes fluttered shut and he reconnected their lips for a few closed mouthed kisses. His hips moved automatically to the rhythm of Kyle's hand. He resisted to fuck it furiously. It wouldn't be long before he was able to fuck the other boy anyway. He didn't want to over stimulate himself either and finish early. Kyle pumped him with the lotion, listening to the sharp sounds of his new slickness.

"I hope I'm not moving too fast for you," Kyle whispered, occasionally planting kisses across his face.

"No..." Stan shook his head. "This was just what I wanted." It was the same pace he planned out in his head. He licked his lips wishing to returned to their deep kisses while he felt his hand over him. Once his shaft was coated, Kyle removed his hand and leaned back.

"While you relax, you me do this for you live and in person." Preparing himself wasn't something he found to be glamorous. It really embarrassed him. He hoped Stan found it attractive. Kyle leaned back onto his elbows and maneuvered one hand beneath and between his spread legs. This position would show Stan everything. His feet were planted on the bed as he brushed his newly slick fingers against his opening. He circled himself a bit, panting at the thought of what he was doing in front of his best friend.

Before today, Kyle didn't think Stan wanted to even hear about him masturbating, let alone want to see it, and fuck him. He raised his eyes to Stan's face the moment he pushed that finger inside. Stan groaned and his gaze on Kyle became lidded. Kyle let out a small moan when he introduced the second. He tried to slow the process because this was with Stan, and not the over-eager Cartman he was used to preparing himself for.

Stan's eyes were glued on his fingers. It was arousing to see in person what he did to himself in the video. He almost felt jealous of his fingers. He wanted to feel Kyle's heat. It seemed lonely to touch yourself when you had someone else with you.

Kyle fucked himself slowly with two fingers, breathing shakily and staring at Stan with the same expression. When he added a third finger, his eyes fell shut and he began really moaning. His thrusts sped up, hitting himself as deep as his fingers allowed. His hips rocked a bit into the thrusts as well. Stan found himself moving towards Kyle. He wanted to touch him like that and make him moan. He wanted to feel him not just with his cock but his fingers too.

"Stan, I'm really warm inside...I want your cock to feel it...god..."

"I want to feel it," Stan said as he placed a hand on Kyle's leg.

It turned Kyle on to think that Stan had never felt anything like it. Then again, how stupid of him, he'd never felt it either. His eyes snapped open and he looked pointedly at his best friend.

"Ahh...I have something to tell you, Stan. Mm..." He continued fucking himself as he spoke. "I'm a virgin too." He smiled. "I've never fucked anyone else before, that is. If you let me fuck you one day, you'll be taking my virginity that way." It made him feel a bit better, maybe even a bit cleaner.

"Okay." It was only fair. Plus, he wanted to make Kyle feel good that way as well. He wasn't really sure if he was comfortable with it, but that was as far as he thought about it. His mind was currently focused only on Kyle's fingers and his heat. "Kyle, I wanna feel you. Let me inside, please?"

Kyle immediately pulled his fingers out and leaned up to kiss Stan hard. He wrapped his arms around his shoulders and drew him back on top of him as he rested on his back.

"Fuck me, Stan," he breathed to him between fast kisses that translated his need. He kept his legs spread and his hips raised, wanting Stan inside of him. Stan held his body above him with his forearms and knees on the bed. He dropped his head and mouthed at Kyle's ear and neck.

This position was a rare one for Kyle. He normally was fucked with his ass raised and face in the mattress, or by riding Cartman and doing all the work himself. What Stan had seen on the video was pretty much the extent of their varied positions. This one was intimate. Kyle welcomed Stan into his embrace and his body with this position. He wanted to watch his face as he felt him, and hold him close while he came. His heart thundered in his chest as he realized he wanted this connection more than anything. He wanted to be connected to Stan not just at their lower halves, but the entire thing. He wanted to feel every bit of Stan, not just his length pounding him where he needed it, but with their hearts pounding in unison. He wanted to taste him and whisper to him, to swallow some of his cries so his parents didn't hear them.

"I want every bit of you," Kyle breathed against Stan's lips before giving him a few more kisses. "Go deep inside, Stan. All the way. Give me what no one else could." He shut his eyes, listening to his heavy breaths and his heartbeat in his ears. "I want you to know that I'm yours as you slide into me for the first time. And know that it's not the last time." Kyle stroked his back gently, tracing his fingers in random patterns across his shoulder blades and down along his spine.

Stan lifted his head.

"Really?" He hadn't gone inside and already he chose him. Was it all because he treated him like a lover and not a sex toy? He wasn't sure himself if he would be able to satisfy his needs, but he was determined to try. He wasn't going to make Kyle regret his decision.

"After tonight, I'm never going to him again." He had made up his mind about this. He probably decided this from the first time he found out that Stan wanted him, but only now was he sure enough to tell him without hesitance in his voice. Without having had sex with him, Kyle knew for a fact that even if Stan turned out being bad in bed, he wouldn't leave his side. He wanted more than just his dick. He wanted the whole package.

"Good," Stan said as he dropped his head. He placed openmouthed kisses along his jaw while he spoke. "You shouldn't be with Cartman not with the way he treats you. Even if it's just about sex you should be with someone who cares about you." He paused his affections. "You know for a little while I was wondering if you would choose both in case I can't fuck you like he can. I wouldn't have been able to do it. I'd be too jealous knowing someone else was touching you. I want you to be mine and only mine, so this makes me happy. Really, really happy." Kyle smiled genuinely. He could tell he really was relieved by his decision. Truthfully, so was he.

"I am only yours. I need you in my life as more than just a best friend, dude. I don't need some asshole who treats me like dirt. You need to be satisfied sexually the same as I do. Fuck Cartman, I didn't care if he got off or not, just so long as I did. But with you..." His smile wavered as he felt embarrassed by this confession. "Well, I'm looking forward just to making you come. So much. I think this is what I need. I need to get off and be completely into getting my partner off too. I really love you," he told him.

"I can't wait to make you come. I love you too, Kyle."

Stan placed one last kiss on Kyle's cheek before preparing to enter him. His heart was thumping so loud in his chest. He was afraid of screwing up or hurting Kyle in some way. He swallowed his nervousness and took a hold of his erection.

"Are you ready?" he asked in a breathless voice.

"Stan, please," Kyle breathed. He couldn't beg for his cock enough at this point. Stan leaned his hips forward until the tip of his cock touched his entrance. Kyle's breath hitched. He was so ready for it he was practically shaking, his fingers digging into Stan's back with anticipation. Stan held still. Breathing in and out deeply, he hoped to calm his wildly beating heart. His anxiety wouldn't go away, so easily.

"D-do I just push in?" he asked a stupid question. His face was so hot he couldn't think straight.

"Jesus fucking christ, Stan," Kyle hissed between his teeth.

"This doesn't hurt does it?" Stan added a little bit of pressure, but it wasn't enough. He would have to double it if he wanted to get just the head in, but he was afraid of hurting the boy below him.

"Just fucking do it!" Kyle growled. His arousal was making him feel impatient. He threw his hips up in an attempt at taking him inside. This kind of teasing was driving him insane. He wanted to be pounded and he received uncertain virgin taps outside of his entrance. He would only endure this for Stan. He knew he was expected to coach him, but he didn't expect he'd have to show him how to stick his dick into a hole. He saw his porn video which showed it in graphic detail even if he'd never heard of it before, which he was more than sure he had.

Stan apologized. This was his first time after all. His mind was thinking about all the ways things could go wrong and at the same time figure out how to enter him smoothly. He couldn't ask Kyle since he could tell he was impatient. Also, he wasn't sure how he could help since he always received.

"I'm just worried about hurting you if I just press in. It's not like you're a girl and you can get wet for me. It's harder..."

"That's what the lotion was for," Kyle stated flatly, clearly unamused at this point.

Stan rubbed the tip of his erection against Kyle's entrance. Prodding would help if Kyle was a girl. Though the rubbing gave him an idea.

"I think I got it."

"You're killing me, Stan. Fuck," Kyle whined.

As he teased his entrance, Stan slowly added more pressure. With a gasp, part of the head managed to press into him. His tight walls and the heat encouraged him to draw deeper inside.

Kyle was scratching at his back. He wanted to just pull him straight in and fill himself with the other boy's length. It was maddening the way Stan was taking him. The other boy held his cock steady at the base and leaned in with his hips. Thanks to the lotion he managed to get the whole head in.

"Ah-ha...are you doing okay?" He asked the boy below him. That was as far as he got. As painful as the pressure on his head was he had to stop to make sure Kyle handed it enough for him to continue.

Kyle thrashed his head back against the pillow in anger.

"Yes!" That was the last thing he wanted to hear out of his best friend. Stan lowered his head like a dog who had been scolded. He freed his shaft to hold his hips still instead.

"Does it hurt?"

"Oh my god, Stan. Fuck me!" Kyle looked up at him angrily, but when he really studied the other boy's face, his heart softened. So he was lost. So the easiest task that was bred into him was completely beyond him. So what. Kyle tried to ignore the rage that continued to build out of the other boy not having a clue how to give him what he wanted by this point. He took Stan's face into his hands and pulled him into a hard kiss. He worked his lips with his own for a moment before parting to look him over. He panted and told him carefully, wanting Stan's full attention.

"I know it's your first time, Stan. I know you're scared fucking witless over hurting me. Please, you're not going to hurt me. Cartman didn't even hurt me, so there's no way you can. I want it rough. If you really want to make me feel good and make me come for you, you're going to fucking pound my ass. Please do it. I really do need you to fuck me. I can't do it myself, dude." He let out a soft groan as he tried to move his held down hips, barely feeling Stan's cock make any progress.

"I need you inside, Stan. Push hard! All the way inside. Then hold still after you're in, if you need to get your bearings, okay? This is me coaching you. Trust me." Kyle hoped his aggravated, impatient but trying to sound compassionate speech helped his best friend like he said he was going to help him. He kissed him once more, softly this time. "Make me feel your cock," he whispered. "Show me how much better it is than Cartman's. I need it. I need you to make me come. You can start slow once you're inside, but for the love of god fuck me."

"K-Kyle..." Stan lifted his hips and gradually pressed in. His head dropped to his shoulder and he moaned into his ear when entered him completely. "'re so tight nmh and warm." His body moved instinctively and his hips drew out. "Ah-haa...I'm going to fuck you." He rocked back into him.

Kyle's head tilted back, his eyes shut and he clawed at Stan's back as he took his thrusts. He was loud enough that anyone close to the door could hear and more than usual for the start. After being teased for so long, the sudden deep, sturdy thrusts surprised him. They shut him up quick.

This wasn't what Stan planned. He wanted to give a few test thrusts before he moved half the speed he was going currently. He stroked the walls to see how fast they would allow him to go. The lotion was slick enough that he could go as fast as he saw Cartman do in the video. The sting on his back from Kyle's nails didn't stop him. Each thrust gradually increased in speed as he searched for a comfortable rhythm. Stan hit Kyle harder than he expected. He wasn't pounding Kyle like Cartman did, but he hit him deeply with some force. Stan didn't want to imitate the fat boy's thrusts anyway. He cared about Kyle. He moved to make him feel good and not just for himself.

His cock cured Kyle's ache, it was bigger than anything he had before and he could feel the difference. He couldn't move. He was usually so responsive to Cartman's thrusts, arching his hips and fucking himself back against him, but he was shocked at Stan's dick riding him. It was an overwhelming feeling, hitting him in all the right places and causing him to still his own hips. The soft touches of his lover's mouth on his neck and the sweet words breathed past his ear made Kyle's cock absolutely drip. He wanted to scream, everything felt so good. He continued to pant wildly, occasionally gasping or groaning through his breaths at the pleasant and very stimulating sensations taking over his body. He overheated with lust and feeling. When he could finally move, he forced his hips up roughly against Stan's.

"Oh god...god...Stan, fuck...!" He was glad he didn't start fucking him any harder or he would be sure to shout. The movement on his end caused Stan to gasp. He nipped gently at his earlobe telling him to continue. Kyle's legs wrapped around Stan's waist, resting against his lower back to feel his thrusts in more ways. He occasionally encouraged him by bucking his hips and tugging with his ankles.

"Mmm...Kyle... It feels good. You feel so good."

"Stan!" Kyle's cries were getting a bit loud. He didn't think sex could feel this good.

Stan hushed him gently while he massaged his hip with his palm. He switched his thrusts to short rocks to calm him down. His moans sounded wonderful in his ears. He wished he could allow him to shout, but Kyle's family was downstairs. He didn't want them ruining his first sexual experience.

Kyle buried his face against Stan's shoulder, stifling his louder moans and biting him to help soothe his heat.

Stan changed back to his longer thrusts. He pulled back allowing Kyle to feel the length of his cock before driving back inside his tight heat. It caused Kyle to cry out into his shoulder and arched his back deeply. The bed shook along with their moans, similar to the porno Stan had watched an hour ago with no Cartman to spoil it. The fat boy was far from his mind. Kyle was his and only his. He had no doubt that things would continue that way. Pulling back Kyle whispered urgently back to him, his voice sounding occasionally on his breath from the inability to restrain his sounds.

"Fuck me harder, Stan! God, you feel so good ahhh...better than anything...oh fuck...ahh!" His cock wouldn't stop leaking. Stan responded immediately by increasing the force of his thrusts. He stopped petting Kyle's hip and gripped it firmly so he could massage his walls. Kyle's back arched as he took the heavier pumping. After all the times he had been fucked by Cartman, it was never this good. He was in heaven with the sensations.

"I feel like I might come...already..." Kyle warned. He was surprised he hadn't even touched himself yet. Usually he had to in order to come. But that was with Cartman, Stan was different. Stan was so different. Kyle was addicted to the feeling his best friend could give him. He was rewriting what sex was for him.

This was all Kyle ever wanted and never knew he did. He listened to the sounds of their heavy breathing, intermixed with the slapping of their flesh and the bouncing of the bed. Everything held new meaning to him now. There wasn't hate, but love and a need to show it. Even though Kyle was dripping with arousal from the feelings Stan gave him, he was also hot over the fact that he could hear and feel how good Stan was feeling too. This felt like more than just hard fucking. This was fevered, desperate love making. His heart pounded for the boy on top of him. He wanted every bit of Stan. It turned him on to know their bodies could pleasure each other this much and that they fit together so perfectly. Kyle forgot all about it being Stan's first time.

"Ah, me too!" Stan gasped. "I'm close." He mouthed at his jaw since he couldn't give him full kisses on his lips while he rocked into him.

Just that bit of affection was enough for Kyle, who never received any during previous fucks. He rocked his hips up against his best friend's, trying to help him pound his ass, but it was hard to keep up. He moaned incoherently, nothing more intelligent spilling from his lips than the other boy's name. He was completely taken over by his lover's inexperienced, but perfect thrusts.

"I'm almost there. Just a little bit more." Stan sped up. This time hitting Kyle roughly like he saw Cartman do. His body moved on its own, but he had confidence that he wouldn't drive in him carelessly like the fatass did. He wasn't trying to hurt Kyle where as Cartman was. Kyle gasped deeply, holding his breath unknowingly for a moment before raggedly panting and groaning out. His hips were just jerking against Stan's at this point, trying to force them both to come.

"You feel wonderful, Kyle. You're perfect," he continued to praise him up until he reached his peak.

"Ahh, Stan!" Kyle shouted his name, throwing his head back against the bed and jolting his hips up. That time it was pretty loud. His mind was gone, he couldn't hold in anything. His come shot out against the other boy, causing him to groan long and hard. His nails raked the other boy's back as he tugged him in hard with his legs on every thrust. He wasn't able to tell the other boy he was coming. The sudden hot release that hit Stan's stomach surprised him. He quickly glanced between them to see moisture in his slit just like the video. He wasn't far behind. His body stiffened and his back arched. With one hard drive, he spilled into his best friend.

"I love you," Stan cried out.

Kyle hissed in acknowledgement. He could feel Stan coming inside. He gripped onto Kyle desperately as he milked his cock with more thrusts. Kyle held him in return, scrambling to tug him by the hair and claim his mouth with his own. Saliva mixed as he shoved their mouths together passionately. The pain from their teeth clashing didn't even register. He hadn't missed Stan's sweet words that he climaxed with. They filled his heart to the brim with feelings he wasn't sure how else to express. Kyle messed up the other boy's hair, running his fingers through it as he made love to his mouth, his tongue lapping away at the other boy's lips and tongue desperately. Coming down from his high, Kyle heaved a deep sigh and turned the kisses into softer ones. He ended it gently, moving his head to rest on Stan's shoulder and nose his neck.

"I love you too," he whispered to him in reply to the words that continued to make his heart pound. He knew those words felt really different now. He felt like they were cherishing each other in the most open and physical way possible. He never felt as close to Stan as he did in that moment.

Stan slipped out of Kyle and rolled off of him to avoid crushing him before he lost the last remaining energy to do so. Gently, he pulled their bodies together again. He held Kyle close while he caught his breath. His body quivered from the orgasm. His heart pounded and his lower half was sensitive. Stan didn't want to move. He wanted to keep holding his best friend in the silence until he dozed off. He lifted a hand to Kyle's hair to toy with his curls. Kyle moved his head into the touches, his eyes slowly opening. He looked at the other boy hazily.

"That was really good," he complimented the other boy.

"Was it?" Stan asked with a small smile. "I was worried there for a little while."

"For your first really blew me away." Kyle shut his eyes and smiled slightly. "It was the best I've ever had."

"Really?" Stan blinked. At first he found it hard to believe since it was his first time, then he realized that Kyle was having sex with Cartman. He wasn't much to beat.

Kyle spent a few moments just catching his breath and enjoying the feeling that they just had sex. That's when his mind began to drift.

"I have an idea," Kyle whispered to the other boy, intermittently placing kisses across his face. "Why don't we make a video of us, using Cartman's camera, and erase the footage of him and I in the process." It was insignificant in the scheme of things, but Kyle wanted to destroy the evidence of his past relationship more than anything, and replacing it with a positive one was something he was all for.

"You can keep the video of us, and watch it whenever you want." Kyle smirked and nipped his jaw playfully before whispering, "But only if I can make one of you too. Maybe during the first time I fuck you."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Stan didn't know how he felt about having a sex tape of Kyle. It would have been nice to watch, but they were taking some risks just by making it.

"Well," Kyle hesitated. "It might not be the greatest idea, but neither was Cartman recording it to begin with. I just thought it would be nice for you to have something to enjoy watching, but I don't want to suggest you keep watching me with Cartman. I'm ashamed of it anyway."

"I don't want to keep watching you with Cartman," Stan said flatly, "I just want to see you or maybe us." He glanced over at the camera remembering something else. "How did you get Cartman's camera, anyway?"

Kyle frowned. He didn't want to answer that. Stan found it hard to believe that Cartman just let Kyle have it. It seemed like something he would have wanted to keep and use for blackmail. Then again maybe their relationship wasn't as it appeared. He had no idea they were fucking each other on the side. Kyle cleared his throat and spit it out.

"I took it after he finished. He always falls asleep when he's done fucking me. Anyway, I had it plugged into my computer because I was in the process of transferring the files onto it. ...I wanted to watch it. I was curious, but I wanted to erase it from the camera as quickly as possible, so..." He shook his head. "I don't care about the video anymore. When you came over to do your homework with me, that's where my mind turned to and I ended up forgetting I even left it in here."

"When we make our video, lets watch it together. It'll be ten times better than Cartman's."

Kyle stroked his lover's body as he rested with him. He swept gentle touches down his sides and over onto his back, brushing across the scratches he had given him during sex. Stan hissed and tensed up the moment the wounds were touched.

"Sorry if I hurt you, dude," Kyle commented quietly. "It just felt really good." Stan shook his head.

"I completely forgot about them until just now. While we were having sex everything felt so good. It made me forget about pain I guess."

Kyle thought about how good it had been, just feeling the other boy inside of him. He hadn't been disappointed at the end result.

"How do you think you'd want it, Stan? Would you want me to do you fast and hard, or slow and gentle?" He kissed him on the mouth softly, not altogether noticing how addicted to his kisses he was becoming or how weird it should have been. He imagined his best friend would want him to be kind during his first time, so he imagined driving him against the bed at a slow and even pace.

"You mean with you on top?" Stan did promise Kyle he would let him. Though, he didn't understand how it could feel good. "I guess slow at first. It will be my first time receiving."

"Mm, I bet you'd look fucking gorgeous beneath me," He breathed. He made Stan's blush return. "You know, you weren't doing so hot at the start when you were trying to fuck me. You fucking pissed me off when you suddenly forgot how to work your dick into a hole. What the fuck was even wrong with you?" He chuckled a bit at the reminder. It wouldn't have been funny if Stan hadn't grasped it eventually. He was completely relieved of his need and satisfied so looking back on their beginning predicament was actually pretty humorous to him.

Stan laughed, "I was really nervous. It looked painful just shoving it in there and I didn't want to hurt you."

There was a knock at the door followed by Kyle's mother's voice calling them downstairs for dinner. Stan didn't move. He didn't want to. He wanted to continue holding Kyle close until he fell asleep. When she asked if Stan was joining them, he responded without thinking it over. Kyle smiled a little after getting over the fear of his mother's sudden arrival and the fact that he hadn't locked his door. It made him happy to hear that Stan was staying at least.

"Will you stay the night with me?" he whispered against his cheek, well aware that his mom was still near the door babbling on about god knows what food she never knew Stan would like or not. Stan nodded with a smile. Finally she headed off.

"Fuck...I bet my mom's been calling me. I should check my phone," Stan said after he heard Kyle's mom head down the stairs. He hesitated before he pried his body off of Kyle's. He chuckled at the mess smeared over his stomach. Pulling the nearest sheet, he cleaned himself up as well as Kyle with light dabs. Climbing off the bed, he found his clothing scattered around the bedroom and dressed as he made his way to his backpack. When he turned on his phone, he found a few voice messages that had to be from his mom.

The other boy sighed. He felt immediately cold and sat up to follow his best friend's lead. He was stopped abruptly as he sat up. He moved with a greater slowness, showing care from the pain inflicted on his ass.

"I'm just going to call her real quick. I'll meet you downstairs."

"Wait, dude." Still naked, Kyle approached his side and pet his hair to look somewhat decent. "It was all ruffled like we've been fucking each other for hours."

His best friend thanked him silently with a kiss. The line was picked up the moment their kiss ended.

"Hey, Mom it's me...Yeah, sorry about that..."

When Kyle finished getting dressed, he left his room and descended the steps carefully before he tried to casually enter the dining room, hiding any sign of a limp he feared he might possess. He wished he could just take dinner to his room so he could cuddle with his best friend on his soft bed while they ate together. It would be much less awkward too. Nevertheless, he sat slowly and strangely. Stan joined his best friend and his family down stairs for dinner once he received permission to spend the night.

Stan pressed the record button on the camera he borrowed from home. It wasn't as nice as Cartman's camera which they no longer had. The fat boy insisted on having his camera back even though the evidence was long gone. He didn't take well to Kyle's break up. The most he could do about it is spout shit about Kyle that no one believed. He even threatened to find his replacement which he assumed existed. Kyle couldn't go a week without sex, so he must have found someone else. Despite all the gay jokes he made about his relationship with Stan, Cartman couldn't figure out that Kyle chose him for a fuckbuddy. Their relationship appeared as it always did in the public. After school and at home, it was more intimate than before.

"It looks like it's working," said Stan when saw his bed against the wall in the screen of the camera. "Are you ready?" He asked Kyle who was standing off screen. He lifted off the camera from a tripod he bought for ten dollars at a second hand store. It wasn't made for the camera he owned, but it did the trick. He hoped it would stay there until they were finished. Just like he hoped that the camera's batteries would last through the whole shoot. He wouldn't bother fixing either of these things once they started. Once he sat on the bed, he turned the camera towards Kyle.

"Sit down with me." Once he was by his side, Stan said with a grin: "Now introduce yourself." Kyle laughed.

"Come on, this is stupid. It's just for us." He waved away the camera and leaned in to kiss Stan hard on the mouth. "We aren't going to want to watch introductions when we wanna get in the mood," he mumbled to his lips.

"I was just trying to make it like a real porno." So far it didn't feel that way to Stan. It felt like it normally did when they made love. The camera started to sink as he became more occupied with returning Kyle's kisses.

"I'll only want to watch footage of my dick plowing into your ass." He gave him a few more slow kisses before saying, "Really, do you ever watch the boring beginnings to pornos anyway? I always skip to the good stuff." He nipped his lower lip, showing him he was ready to do the same.

"It isn't boring. It takes like a few seconds." Stan was a little disappointed Kyle wasn't playing along. It was his idea to make a sex tape anyway. Stan just wanted to make it look similar to the professionals despite the fact that he didn't have great filming equipment. "After all, I am giving you my ass virginity." He pulled the camera back to get them both in frame. He gave Kyle a short hard kiss that was captured on the camera.

"You always want to skip to the good stuff."

"Are you complaining?"

Stan replied with another kiss. Warmed by the connection, his heart sped up. His heart sped up as the kiss warmed it. He added several more before parting his lips for an openmouthed kiss. Kyle immediately fulfilled the wordless request. He licked Stan's tongue and shoved himself inside his mouth without a moment's notice. After the greeting of their tongues, Stan tasted the walls of his mouth. He no longer felt the weight of the camera in his hand. The concern of shooting them while they were making out completely slipped his mind. He would find out later if their movie was unwatchable. They could easily reshoot it.

Kyle kissed him deeply and moved his hand to cradle the back of his head. He leaned over his lover, laying him back onto the bed. The camera joined them, sitting loosely in Stan's hand. Kyle brushed his covered hips up against Stan's in a teasing gesture. It caused him to moan into his mouth while their tongues smacked. Kyle's tongue hadn't stopped playing with Stan's. If anything, he initiated a small battle with it. Stan reaction was slow. He tried to win by rolling his tongue against his, but the taste weakened him. He lost the fight, overwhelmed with the love he had for the other boy. He broke the kiss. Staring into his eyes reminded him how perfect everything was. He couldn't have been happier.

"I love you Kyle."

Kyle smiled back before capturing his lips.

"I love you too," he told him quietly.