References to my life, random ass things I like (and/or dislike, I can't remember) and past South Park episodes, as well as anecdotes which have been completely generated from my brain. Mucho thanks to Justin for betaing :)

Chapter 1: The Reading of Chef’s Will
Chapter 2: Boys Have Dicks
Chapter 3: Extracurricular Shit
Chapter 4: Faggy McGay Fag
Chapter 5: More Extracurricular Shit
Chapter 6: Dyslexia Is Not Funny
Chapter 7: Hello Kitty and Brown
Chapter 8: Sex Is Better With Ketchup
Chapter 9: Making a Name of Cinnamon Buns and Dentists
Chapter 10: Some More Side Shit—Er, Brown
Chapter 11: Wendy’s Plan
Chapter 12: Continuing To Act Like Fags, As Always
Chapter 13: Those Bastards