Sunday, December 28th, 8:30. Some days, you're able to predict what kind of day it would turn out to be. Kyle had woken up with only one prediction.

"Today is gonna suck ass." He said this to himself, as he was lying in bed, with his blue pajamas snugged warmly against him. Yesterday he thought differently. Yesterday, he thought that it might not be such a bad day. Everything was gonna be fun. They were gonna decorate Stan's place with his dad, but as everyone knows, disaster always happens in South Park. Not even one, god damn peaceful day in south Park. Butters microwave had exploded, (Cartman tried to fry Butters's villain-suit). Ike had gone missing for an entire day, (he was hiding in the woods), but yesterday was The Worst Day of December. While they were at Stan's place, Cartman, in some sort of magical shitty way, had sat on Kenny's PSP, breaking it in half with his giant ass. Cartman, being a giant ass, found no reason as to why he should ever apologize, or pay for it. Kenny left early, heartbroken, while Cartman was thrown out of the house. Kyle was left with consoling his super best friend on how one little disaster couldn't possibly destroy December, and trying to politely decline Stan's alcoholic fathers offerings of "a cup of gluten-free beer, to lift holiday-cheer." What a mess.

Ike came in through the door, "Visitor!" Kyle, still in his pajamas, opened the door, the biting cold spiking up every hair on his body. Standing in front of him, was Stan, wrapped up in his usual winter coat against the harsh weather.

"Dude, what? This shit is too early." Kyle turned to go back inside, but stopped at a hand grabbing his wrist.

"You have to come and check this out."

So there Kyle stood, freezing in his pajamas, as the apparent 'emergency' was nothing but Kenny, standing in his old, warm and cozy parka, shoveling snow.

"What?" The freezing boy turned to look at his Super Best Friend, who nodded seriously.

"What's he doing?"

"Shoveling snow. Can I go home now?" He couldn't feel his toes anymore. Stan shook his head and waddled over to Kenny, Kyle begrudgingly following behind.

"Why?" Stan's voice was stern, which actually surprised Kyle a bit. He couldn't really see anything wrong with Kenny shoveling snow, especially with all that warm clothes of his. Kenny give out a muffled laugh. "Not even a 'hi'? Not even a 'let me help you'? Just 'why'? That's cold Stan. Very unlike you." Kenny kept shoveling snow, his back turned towards them.

"No, I mean, you're obviously getting paid for this. Why? What do you need the money for?" The icy wind whipped at them both, and Kyle swore that his hands were turning blue. Suddenly Stan's paranoia made sense. He was scared that Kenny was saving up to hurt Cartman, one way or the other.

"If you haven't realized it yet, Stan, my family's poor." He kept on shoveling, working in a stoic rhythm.

"You only work when you're saving up for something, so what? Tell me." Kyle scooted closer to Stan. Maybe if he stood close enough, Stan's anger would warm up Kyle's, or at least make him stop shaking. Kenny stopped shoveling. He dug the shovel into the snow, making it stand upright as he turned around.

"I'm saving up for a Vita, you happy?" Kenny gripped the shovel a bit harder, his pride hurting. Stan nodded and smiled.

"Fatass isn't gonna buy if for ya, so you decided to do something about it." Kenny nodded back.

"Might as well save his mom the trouble, right?" Kenny turned his back and started shoveling again.

"I'm not gonna hire an assassin or something, chill, alright? Oh, and bring Kyle back inside, he looks dying." Stan turned quickly, and as he turned, he ripped off his coat and swung it around Kyles shoulders, his shaking toned down.

"If I catch a cold over this, I'll k-kill you, Stan." His teeth shook against each other, creating a gnawing sound. Stan hugged him closer, sharing their warmth as he followed him home.

"I'm sorry, I just have this... premonition." Kyle looked over at him. He was dead serious.

"You mean it. Something's bad gonna happen again?" Stan nodded.

"I just, I know it, alright, I'm sorry I dragged you out here, just-"

"Nah, I understand." Kyle opened his front door and headed inside.

"Hey, now that we're up, do you wanna play PS3?" Stan's face lit up as he walked into Kyle's house.

The next couple of days, Kyle and Stan spent loafing around while Kenny worked on odd jobs nearby. Stan and Kyle never asked if they could help, because they knew Kenny didn't want them to. Cartman was avoiding Kenny like a flu, scared of his 'divine vengeance', and, as always, Butters was grounded. They were sitting inside the house near Stan's garden. Stan's dad had paid Kenny to dig a hole in the ground. His dad had wanted a pool, but refused to hire a professional, as they were all too expensive. "The ground isn't solid enough, uuhh. It's dangerous with all those pipes, d'uuh. Your garden is too small for something like that!" Randy mocked while trying to mimic the carpenters voice" Stan and Kyle shared a nervous look and both got up to make sure Kenny would be ok. They both ran towards the hole, as he had already dug it quite deep.

"Uhm, Kenny..." Stan called down, unsure how to tell him.

"Kenny, Stan's mom made hot cocoa!" Kyle called down, earning a thankful look from Stan.

"Sweet!" Kenny called out. How big was that hole already? Kenny used the shovel as lever, climbing up the hole. A hand shot out, and Stan managed to catch it. Kyle felt everything go into slow-motion as his hand slipped, and Kenny fell down the hole.

Cartman was sitting next to Kenny, Cartman's laughter echoing through the hallways of the hospital. Butters sat quietly next to Cartman, clutching a paper-present for Kenny. Kenny refused to look in Cartman's direction, and only lifted his gaze when Butters gave him the 'get-well-soon-card'.

"I- I worked on this all night after figuring out what happened, so-" Kenny nodded and accepted the card. A simple drawing of Kenny and Butters side by side, flowers and a smiling sun. Kenny placed it on his desk, promising to look at it every once in a while, seeing as there was nothing else to do at the hospital. Stan and Kyle burst in through the door, both smiling widely. Cartman's laughter doubled at the sight of their smiles.

"They don't even feel bad for what happened! I bet they did it on purpose!"

"You tell him." Kyle jabbed Stan in the shoulder.

"No, you tell him." Stan jabbed him back, both of them hiding a big box behind them.

"What's going on you guys?" Kenny's voice was so small that he almost sounded scared. Cartman's laughter stopped when the boys pulled out the box from behind their backs.

"You didn't."

"Is that a-"

"You little shits."

Kenny opened the box like a cat ripping open a newspaper, and there it was. A bright new PS VITA, sitting right in his lap, complete with the new "TOKYO DATING STRIP SEXULATOR". Kenny's eyes filled up with tears, Butters let out a gasp and Cartman's jaw dropped.

"We told our parents what happened and my dad used the money for the pool." Kenny looked up at Stan, his eyes tearing up.

"Go ahead and play, dude. It's yours."

"Fuck off." Kenny replied, the only words he had spoken since he fell down. Stan and Kyle laughed, expecting this response. Cartman shook in his seat. If Kyle and Stan bought things for Kenny when he was hurt... would that mean-

"Don't even think about it fatso, you can break every limb in your body, as much as you want to and you'll never get anything!" Kyle sneered at Cartman. He could easily recognize the glow that Cartman had when he was plotting something. Cartman continued to smile, nodding to Kyle.

"Just let him be, man. If we're lucky, he'll break both legs." Stan sighed out, and looked up at Kenny. He had already unpacked the Vita, setting up the data.

As it turned out, Kenny had just twisted his ankle, and he was out of the hospital in less than a few days,

He'd spent every hour since then, days and days on, playing TOKYO DATING STRIP SEXULATOR. Since then, Cartman had been trying to get himself hurt one way or another, enough to gain sympathy from the adults, but so far, a broken collarbone and two broken ankles did nothing but leave him a place in the hospital. As Kyle and Stan played Katamari co-op mode, Kenny sat right beside them, clicking away on his Vita.

"Is the game any good?" Kyle asked. No response.

"Forget it, man. He's so far into that game, it's like he's in Hell." Stan laughed, and returned his full focus on the game. Just a few meters more, and he'd be able to pick up a house. Kenny sat with earplugs on, not wanting to bother the others playing their game with his music.

"We'll be together forever!" A busty angel-like NPC winked at Kenny. Kenny gave a smile as he tapped on the correct response.

"I'll do whatever you say" it read on the VITA. The NPC giggled, her boobs jiggling seductively.

"Will you purge for me?" Kenny was pounding away at the buttons, little clicks tapping away like a fast melody. The door rang, and all three boys stay in their seat.

"Hey Kenny could you get that?" Stan asks, his eyes not leaving their katamari.

"We're big enough to roll up humans now."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, totally."

Kenny didn't leave his seat, nor take his eyes away from the Vita. Stan lashed out at Kenny, kicking him in the back, making Kenny fall forwards. Kenny fell, hitting the ground with a thud, his arms shooting up to protect his Vita from the impact. Kyle gave a short chuckle, but Kenny picked himself up, and without a word, began walking towards the door, his eyes never leaving his Vita.

"Don't you think he plays that thing too much? Like, he doesn't even talk to us anymore." Stan gave a worried sigh, pausing the game. Kyle looked his way and shifted in his seat.

"I don't know, man. I always want it to be nothing, but with this place, you never know." Stan nodded, hearing the door open. "I really hope it's nothing."

Stan heaved a big sigh, noticing the small things. Like how Kyle's hair stuck out in tufts out of his ushanka, or how nice it was that his hair complimented his boyish face. He shifted in his seat, turning on the game again. They heard the door close again, and Kenny waddled back to them, sitting next to them on the couch.

"Who was it?" Kyle asked, not letting his voice deceive how they just talked behind his back. Kenny shrugged. It was Butters, here to ask them whether they'd like to join him in visiting Cartman in the hospital or not. It didn't really seem that important, so he figured there was no reason to tell the others. Kyle and Stan nodded, sensing his unwillingness to talk about it.

"Hey, what's that game about?" Kyle tried to smooth things over. He could somehow sense that Kenny was still mad at Stan for pushing him. Kenny didn't answer.

"Is it a good game?" Still no answer.

"Ehm, can we try? You can play some Katama-"

"No, it's ok." Kenny muttered.


"I don't wanna play Katamari, I just wanna play this game." His eyes didn't leave the screen, a monotone expression on his face.

"So... We can't try it?" Stan asked, disdain in his voice. Kenny didn't answer. Kyle swore he sensed something inside Kenny's eyes. A glow.

"I have to leave." Kenny suddenly said, getting up from his seat.

"Huh? Kenny you're acting super strange." Kyle grabbed onto Kenny's arm, ushering him to stay. He pulled his arm away, walking away with heavy steps, leaving a confused and saddened Kyle. The door opened again, but this time, the door closed just as quick.

"... Stan, what's going on? Why is he acting like that?" Stan kept playing, a frown over his features.

"Stan, knock it off!" Kyle pushed the controller out of his hands, the PS3 controller clanking as it hit the ground. Stan looked the other way, his fingers pinching the brink of his nose.

"Look, I... Kyle, I have no idea. This whole thing's... affecting me, I think." Stan wheezed it out, his eyes closed fiercely.

"...Affecting you?" Kyle asked, weary.

"I feel more angry near Kenny. It's hard to explain. I don't know. Maybe I'm going crazy." Stan pulled himself together. He couldn't look Kyle in the eyes. Not after he had just pushed Kenny like that. He had never done anything like that ever before. Never to Kenny.

"Stan... Please, tell me what's going on." Kyle picked up the controller again, pausing the game, clutching the controller in his hands. Stan didn't answer, but he felt the foreboding cold feeling in his gut as he looked at the place where Kenny used to sit.

Kenny wasn't in school the next couple of days. Stan suspected it was because he pushed him, but Kyle knew him better than that. That game was messing with his head. He zoned out during class, looking over at the empty desk where Kenny was supposed to sit. A tiny paper note flicked over his desk from his left side. His head whipped to see Butters blinking strangely with his one eye, trying to point Kyle's direction towards the wad of paper. Kyle unfurled it, careful not to make a sound.

"Kyle, I'm very sorry if this note gets you into trouble if the teacher spots you reading the note that I gave you. I visited Stan's place yesterday to ask if you guys would visit Cartman, but Kenny just shut the door in my face. Before that he mumbled something that I—" The note ended there. Kyle looked confusedly over at Butters. Was that it? When Butters gestured for Kyle to flip the note around, he rolled his eyes.

"— found a bit troubling. Let's talk after school. Your friend, Butters." He crumbled up the note, and he could hear Butter's sad sigh. He had to spell everything out, didn't he? He ripped a piece of his paper up, and wrote a tiny note on it.

"Ok." He crumbled it up and threw it at Butters. When the teacher, Mr. Mackey spotted it.

"Excuse me, Kyle. Kyle, what was that? Butters, can I see that note?" Kyle groaned, oh no, not now. Butters went into a frenzy of garbled words, stuttering left and right as he looked to Kyle. Kyle merely shrugged, gesturing for him to give him the note. Mr. Mackey stepped up to Butters' desk, expecting the little paper note shoved into his hands. Butters blanked, then shoved the note in his mouth and swallowed it raw.

"I have had it with you! Detention, young man!" Butters went into a coughing fit. "I can't get detention, sir! I'll be grounded!" he harked out between coughs.

"You should've thought of that before you went ahead and turned your sass on me, young mister!" Mackey went the other way, returning to the desk. He made it to the desk just as something hit the back of his head.

"Who threw that?" Mr. Mackey whipped around, grabbing the offending object off the ground and ripping open the message.

"Hey, Kyle, I got your back. - Stan." Mr. Mackey saw red, and pointed towards the door.

"All three of you. Principal, now. I will not have you disrupt my class on- ..." Looking clueless for a second, he turned towards Craig, who was busy drawing dogs on his paper.

"You were teaching about Christianity, and the different branches, Mr. Mackey, in your own strange sense." Craig deadpanned.

"Ah, yeah, that's right! Now, piss off to the principal, little critters!" Stan, Kyle and Butters headed for the principal, all three nodding for one another.

"And then there's Mormonism, but that's bullcrap—" Was the last thing they heard from Mackey before the door slammed shut behind them. Stan and Kyle walked together from school. Butters was being picked up from school by his dad. The principle called their parents, but the only parent who took it serious was Butters'.

"We'll do something about Kenny, don't worry." Kyle patted Butters' shoulder, and they both nodded. The first thing they had to do was find him. Stan sensed something in his gut, and for once, he chose to listen to it.

"Great! You purged another! Wow, look at all that sin!" The big-breasted angel bounced up and down, savoring their small victory. A smile appeared on Kenny's face. He had to go wash the blood off his parka.

"Kenny? What the fuck, dude?"

A familiar voice behind him.

Annoying, annoying, annoying.

"Is that... blood?"




Kenny turned towards the two, vaguely registering them as two boys from his class. He heard their voices and saw their outlines, but all he saw inside them were maggots, slime and dark clouds. His eyes glowed light blue, and white clouds gathered at his feet. The white clouds gathered around feet, and purged away the dark clouds. Blood spilled to the floor.


Their souls becoming clean, away with the maggots, away with the darkness, away with the slime and the rot. He didn't even hear them scream.

"You did so well!" His 2D character inside his VITA beeped.

"Dude. What have you done?" Kyle's voice was right behind him, snapping away the clouds.

"Is this blood?" His voice became more and more upset at the seconds. "Dude...Hn!" Stan whispered it out, but let out a groan and pulled at his heart. Stan crumbled to the ground, clinging onto his chest, landing face first into a puddle of blood. Kenny's eyes twinkled again, white clouds gathering at his feet. The clouds pulled up and formed a spike, going straight towards Stan. Kyle's mind blanked and he ran between them, the spike only a few inches from striking him, when it didn't. Without noticing that he had closed his eyes, Kyle opened them, seeing himself surrounded by dark energy, a protective shield. He looked behind him to see Stan lying on the ground, his eyes a glowing gold. Satan's shadow expanded beneath Stan, as he got up, dusted himself off and headed towards Kenny's direction. Kyle was paralyzed, watching his Super Best Friend walk towards Kenny, with every intention to kill him. Stan stood before Kenny, the light clouds and the dark fire interchanging, turning it gray here and there. Kenny held the VITA forward, the projection of the busty angel stood before Stan. Satan's shadow expanded further, the darkness forming bulges into the shadow, until the shadow turned into a humanoid shape.

"Who the fuck are you?" The busty angel blew hair out of her face, pouting her bubblegum-pink lips.

"Damian, son of Satan. Who the fuck are you?" He stood strong and courageous in front of his enemy, just like his dad had taught him.

"Goddess Ilias, Warlord of the 3rd circle of the Heavenly Mormon Army." She flapped her wings proudly. None had ever looked down on her, or ever gotten the chance to try.

"Nice, could you ditch?" Damian scratched beneath Stan's hat. Borrowing a human vessel was always, always annoying. Her face turned from a peaceful exchange of their shared declarations to absolute fury.

"Ditch? Me? You're the one interrupting God's work." She spread her arms and the clouds soaked up the blood from the ground, the clouds going up until it started to rain blood. She laughed a short, annoyed laugh, and continued. "If anyone needs to ditch, it's you."

"Excuse me-" The interruption came from Kyle, who had previously remained in the sidelines. Both regal turned their heads towards him, ushering to continue.

"I'm, uh, friend to both of these two, so could you, like, not fight? It was just Hanukkah and Christmas, and it would kinda suck to lose even one of my friends so near to that." The two kept silent, so out of panic, he continued.

"I mean, I know I'll lose them one day, but they both mean a lot to me. So if I know there's something I can do to stay with both of them for a little while longer, I'll do it!" He smiled up at the two blood-covered deity's, but hushed at their non-amused expressions. The devil and the angel shared a look. The devil lifted an eyebrow, and the angel lowered her shoulders.

"Fine. Amuse me." She snapped her fingers, the blood on them gone, and the two previously deceased boys returned to normal before their eyes. With absolute terror in their eyes, one got up and dragged the other with him, running as fast as they could away from their scene of crime.

"May I suggest a game of chess?" Damian asked, scratching his neck bored.




"Mario Kart?"

"Are you even taking me seriously, devil?" Damian groaned, not really having the time for this. His favorite show was coming up soon. If only he could stall her for enough time to return to hell, he could have his dad take over for him instead.

"What do you suggest then, angel?" Her eyes rolled towards Kyle, sensing his fear.

"A dating sim." The words rolled off her lips, and sent a shiver of disgust comically through Stan's body.

"You're fucking around." His voice was harsher than ever before, sensing the impossible task.

"No," her light laughter annoyed their eardrums as she returned to her game.



Kenny dropped the VITA on the ground, and it landed on a bunk of snow, the words stood clear on its screen, her pixelated body swaying from side to side. Wings started to extend from his parka, swirls of crummy orange bent and shaped around him. With a big gust of wind, he pushed the wings upwards, sending heaps of snow towards them, and with a final big push, Kenny flew upwards, all the way up where they couldn't see him. Stan and Kyle stood, side by side, as they watched their friend fly away, before Stan fell towards the ground. The black aura now gone, Stan was back to normal, lying on the snow next to the cursed, mocking VITA.

Stan woke up the next morning, seemingly forgetting what had happened the previous day. He turned to his side, yawning, and realized he wasn't alone. With his back towards him, a sleeping curled up redhead lied. First now did he realize how cold he was, and without thinking he curled up beside the redhead. Slowly realizing that those characteristic curls could only belong to Kyle, he took a big whiff of his hair. Yeah, that was Kyle's smell, it could only be him. Stan's hand touched his side, ran over his stomach and finally held him close, only half-realizing that they were spooning. He continued to smell his hair deeply, finding the scent of his shampoo soothing. The air of his exhale must have tickled Kyle's neck because Kyle jerked backwards, adding pressure on Stan's lower half. Stan felt that a limit might have been reached there. A hug in his sleep was acceptable, but this was going into a questionable area. Stan grabbed the lower half of Kyle's body, somewhere in his mind noticing that it was his buttocks, but he pushed it aside. Stan gently pushed him away, he just wanted a hug, and dumb sleeping Kyle had to make everything complicated. It happened before the half-asleep Stan could register it. Kyle's body arched and pushed back against Stan's hands, who then as per some sort of reflex, squeezed, making Kyle let out a low moan.

Stan's hands started to shake. No. A familiar creep turned all his hair upwards. No, no, no. Stan darted up to his feet, as far away from the bed as he could. A crazed smile, and that familiar tickle in his stomach, with the added saliva, and he ran towards the bathroom, as fast as his legs could carry him. He violently puked in the toilet, heaving and harking. He didn't even fully register the hand that rubbed his back, but he found it soothing. He finally stopped, got up and flushed the toilet. Washing his hands and mouth in the sink, he finally registered Kyle behind him. Shit. At least Kyle looked half-asleep, or at least more exhausted than Stan.

"I'll go make you breakfast, ok? Just eat it slowly." Stan barely registered his words, too busy with his own thoughts.

They stood in the park where they first met Ilias. During breakfast, Kyle had explained everything to Stan, including showing him the VITA. All they had to do was find TRUE END before noon. The only problem was that it was impossible. The VITA was stuck. No matter what button they pushed, or how much they touched the screen in front or in the back, there was no response. Only a big-tits-angel, waving her body from side to side, mocking them with the rhyme. There was nothing they could do anymore, except perhaps for one thing. Kenny flew down to them, his angel wings shrinking until they were but two small swirled protrusions from his parka. As he held his hand out, the VITA flew out of their hands and into his. He held it out again, the projection re-appearing.

"You failed, you were so close, and you failed." Her words stung their skulls, but they stood firm. They still had one last plan. The earth started to shake below them, creating deep rifts into the ground. "What's this?" The angels screamed as she looked down. She looked up at Stan, whose eyes were not only a shining golden, but also whose stance was much more powerful than before. This wasn't Damian anymore. It was Satan.

"Would you sacrifice the young boy just for me?" Her laugh was shrill enough to send goose bumps down Kyle's arms, the projection disappearing into the VITA. Stan shook his head. The deep voice of Satan tore from his mouth, "He'll be back," and Stan's arm extended out, creating a deep rift in the ground beneath Kenny, arms from hell reaching out to catch Kenny.

"Not in a fat chance!" Her shrill voice screamed in beeps. Kenny flew higher upwards, and suddenly two rings appeared around him. One ring turned into a logo on the VITA, transforming it into a PSP, the other ring turned into a halo, powering up Kenny. He shook his hand downward, deep white clouds forming around him, closing up the hole in the ground, and some of the clouds forming a pillow of energy around his outstretched hand.

"STAY BACK," Satan yelled, his deep voice echoing through the park, as he pushed Kyle back, forming a shield of dark energy and red flames around them. Stan crouched next to Kyle, holding him close as he formed a dark ball of energy into his hand. Kyle was too scared to move. Their plan failed. There was nothing left to do. They were all going to die. They were powering up their attacks. Only a few seconds, and they were going to die. Everything appeared as in slow-motion, and Kyle finally had time to think.

Kyle looked up at Stan, or, well, Satan. The dark ball of energy was nearly complete, as was Kenny's pure attack. Kyle glanced at Stan's wristwatch, noting the time. 12:12. It was too soon, this shouldn't be happening. Suddenly, everything clicked, and he pounced Stan into the snow, the dark clouds and their fire diluting. Stan, startled out of his possessor, and sparkling blue eyes looked up at him. He went down and kissed him. He barely registered the white clouds disappearing behind him, only fully noticing that Stan was kissing him back, and whoa, it was kinda nice. They broke the kiss, both taking deep breaths as they closely inspected each other's reaction. Kyle noticed that Stan's face was spotted with little drops of water, until he realized that it was his own tears. He didn't even know that he had been crying. Stan pushed Kyle upwards, hugging him close, letting him cry it all out into his shoulder. Stan looked towards his opponent, but Kenny was lying on the snow, the ground returned to normal.

"Kenny!" Stan screamed, hoping for some sort of reaction. Nothing. He wasn't moving anymore. He sighed, Kyle still clinging onto him, sobbing into his shoulder. Kenny's hand slowly turned skywards, a 'thumbs-up' on his hand. Stan noticed the PSP lying next to Kenny, broken in half. He smiled and hugged Kyle tighter. Only half-registering that Kenny had already gotten up and stood above them.

"So... TRUE END, huh?" Kenny's voice was smug above them.

"Dude no." Stan tried to sound tough, but he was too elated about being alive.

"Queen and King, huh?"

"Stop that."

"You two suit each other."

"I hate you, Kenny..." Kenny flashed a smile at Stan, but turned his attention towards the shaking Kyle.

"How... did you know what to do?"

Kyle unhinged himself from Stan, not having the guts to look him in the eyes.

He slowly began his story, but suddenly spoke in a rushed panic,"I'm so sorry, Stan, I thought you were sleeping, and I might not have been sleeping, and I know you thought I was, and I know we should've been worried about saving the world, but it's been on my mind ever since, and oh, god no, that was horrible of me," his hands shook even worse, and he made small hiccups of fear. Stan gave him another kiss.

"Kyle, you were always the smartest." Stan hushed him, and held him close for another hug. Kenny was about to leave, but a stern look from Stan ushered him to join in, hugging Kyle from his other side. The three boys started to laugh, and just for now, they were happy to be alive.




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